At RBC, we believe our first duty is to operate with integrity at all times so that we can continue to ensure the present and future well-being of our stakeholders: clients, employees, investors, suppliers, governments, communities and non-governmental organizations. Our strategic approach to corporate responsibility and the suite of programs and practices described here serve as the RBC Blueprint for Doing Better™.
  Corporate Responsibility Principles: RBC Blueprint for Doing Better™
  Economic impact
•  Provide strong returns to shareholders
•  Pay fair share of taxes
•  Support small business and community economic development
Foster innovation and entrepreneurship
Purchase goods and services responsibly
•  Respect diversity
•  Foster a culture of employee engagement
•  Provide competitive compensation and total rewards
Provide opportunities for training and development
•  Develop and provide products responsibly
•  Provide access to basic banking services
•  Protect and educate consumers
•  Reduce intensity of operational footprint
•  Promote environmentally resonsible business activities
•  Offer environmental products and services
•  Provide donations with a lasting social impact
•  Sponsor key community initiatives
•  Encourage employees to contribute
In 2007, RBC was honoured with a number of global awards and recognition for our corporate responsibility efforts and performance.
•  RBC scored first place in the 2007 Best 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada ranking, according to Corporate Knights magazine.
•  RBC was named one of the world’s top 100 sustainable companies, according to the third annual “Global 100” ranking announced in BusinessWeek magazine. Companies on the list were selected from a universe of 1,800 publicly traded companies.

Socially responsible investment indices
RBC is listed on a number of significant Canadian and international indices that help guide the investment decisions of socially responsible investors, including Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, the DJSI North America Index, the FTSE4Good Index and the Jantzi Social Index. Companies on these indices meet stringent social, ethical and environmental criteria.

Increasingly, companies are expected to report on their environmental, social and governance practices, in addition to their financial results. A range of stakeholders are asking for this information, yet there are significant differences of opinion about what companies should disclose, as well as the appropriate degree and manner of disclosure.

RBC has adopted a multi-pronged approach to sustainability reporting. While we follow the guidelines suggested by the Global Reporting Initiative, we do not produce a single printed report covering everything for all stakeholders. Instead, we provide reporting geared to various stakeholder groups, with an appropriate level of detail for each. Our external website ( is our primary reporting mechanism, where our annual Corporate Responsibility Report and Public Accountability Statement can be found.