The accompanying consolidated financial statements of Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) were prepared by management, which is responsible for the integrity and fairness of the information presented, including the many amounts that must of necessity be based on estimates and judgments. These consolidated financial statements were prepared in accordance with Canadian generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) pursuant to Subsection 308 of the Bank Act (Canada), which states that, except as otherwise specified by the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada, the financial statements are to be prepared in accordance with Canadian GAAP. Financial information appearing throughout our management’s discussion and analysis is consistent with these consolidated financial statements.

In discharging our responsibility for the integrity and fairness of the consolidated financial statements and for the accounting systems from which they are derived, we maintain the necessary system of internal controls designed to ensure that transactions are authorized, assets are safeguarded and proper records are maintained. These controls include quality standards in hiring and training of employees, policies and procedures manuals, a corporate code of conduct and accountability for performance within appropriate and well-defined areas of responsibility.

The system of internal controls is further supported by a compliance function, which is designed to ensure that we and our employees comply with securities legislation and conflict of interest rules, and by an internal audit staff, which conducts periodic audits of all aspects of our operations.

The Board of Directors oversees management’s responsibilities for financial reporting through an Audit Committee, which is composed entirely of directors who are neither officers nor employees of RBC.

This Committee reviews our consolidated financial statements and recommends them to the Board for approval. Other key responsibilities of the Audit Committee include reviewing our existing internal control procedures and planned revisions to those procedures, and advising the directors on auditing matters and financial reporting issues. Our Compliance Officer and Chief Internal Auditor have full and unrestricted access to the Audit Committee.

The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions, Canada (OSFI) examines and inquires into the business and affairs of RBC as deemed necessary to determine whether the provisions of the Bank Act are being complied with, and that RBC is in sound financial condition. In carrying out its mandate, OSFI strives to protect the rights and interests of depositors and creditors of RBC.

Deloitte & Touche LLP, Independent Registered Chartered Accountants appointed by the shareholders of RBC upon the recommendation of the Audit Committee and Board, have performed an independent audit of the consolidated financial statements and their report follows. The auditors have full and unrestricted access to the Audit Committee to discuss their audit and related findings.

Gordon M. Nixon
President and Chief Executive Officer

Janice R. Fukakusa
Chief Financial Officer

Toronto, November 29, 2007