Helping You Make a Smooth Transition

During the transition from HSBC Bank Canada to RBC, you will receive detailed information about the migration of your products and services. For now, please continue to bank or invest at HSBC Bank Canada as you normally would.

(For a detailed timeline, please choose from the options below.)


Preserving and Strengthening What Matters to You

You can feel confident that we aim to retain the products and services that matter most to you and complement them with what we do best.

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Award-winning customer service, RBC Mobile app and banking advice1

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Foreign currency accounts and trading on Canadian, U.S. and international exchanges

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1,100+ branches and 4,000+ ATMs—the largest network of branches and ATMs across Canada

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HSBC Bank Canada Relationship Managers will continue to support their business customers

A Word from Our CEO

HSBC Bank Canada offers the opportunity to add a complementary business and client base in the market we know best and position us to be the bank of choice for commercial clients with international needs, newcomers to Canada and affluent clients who need global banking and wealth management capabilities. RBC is committed to ensuring clients get the highest value and best service. We look forward to serving these new clients and showing them all that RBC can do for them.

- Dave McKay, President & CEO, RBC