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Skills Canada: Promoting skilled trades and technologies to youth

Building Canada’s skilled trade and tech workforce since 1989.

Skills Canada is not-for-profit organization that actively works with employers, educators, various industries, labour groups, and governments to promote skilled trade and technology careers through competitions, hands-on activities and in school presentations for young Canadians to acquire skills they need for 21st century jobs. Together with our 13 member organizations coast to coast to coast we are here to encourage and secure a coordinated Canadian approach to promoting skilled trades and technologies to youth.

What are the Skilled Trades?

There are more than 300 designated trades in Canada! The skilled trades refer to professional occupations that involve working with your hands and require specialized training and represent a large number of professions. Generally, these trades fall within five main categories:





Information Technology

Increasingly, the traditional trades are evolving into technologically advanced jobs and careers. There is a requirement in these fields to combine mental ability such as advanced math and computer programming with manual skills such as CNC Machining, Mechatronics, Mobile Robotics and Precision Machining. Learn more about the different categories here.

The Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC)

Next National Competition: Skills Canada Winnipeg 2023

Registrations: Open

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The Skills Canada National Competition (SCNC) is the ONLY national, multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices in the country. It is our flagship event and is an ideal way to connect with students and apprentices! Each year, more than 550 competitors from all regions of Canada come to SCNC to participate in over 40 skilled trade and technology competitions. By providing a forum where Canadians can compete at the national level, SCNC provides hands-on work experience related to skilled trade and technology careers. Every two years, top medalists of the Skills Canada National Competition continue their training to secure placement on WorldSkills Team Canada and compete at the WorldSkills Competition, where their skills are put to the test at the international level against top competitors from around the world.

Our Member Organizations

To get involved in your region, city, province, or territory contact the Member Organization in your area. Member organizations in each province and territory provide career information, resources, classroom presentations, regional and provincial competitions.

More programs to get involved in:

Skills Canada Collision Repair Program

Get some hands-on training and an experience of a lifetime through competitions.

For more information, contact:

Essential Skills

Engage in hands-on challenges, presentations, and interactive activities. Discover your Essential Skills!

For more information contact your local Member Organization.

Essential Skills Youth Assembly (ESYA)

ESYA provides an opportunity for young adults, aged 18-22, to discuss current trends in skilled trades and technology.

For more information contact your local Member Organization.