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Pathway to Agriculture

Supporting the growth and evolution of a world-class agriculture sector

RBC has proudly served the Canadian agriculture community for more than 150 years with industry-tailored solutions and business advice to support the growth and evolution of a world-class agriculture sector.

As technological advancements, shifting consumer expectations, climate events and geopolitical changes continue to drive the evolution of the Canadian agriculture sector, new opportunities are also emerging around the future of work in this space.

That’s why we created RBC Future Launch, a program that aims to unlock the full potential of Canadian youth by providing access to skill development, networking, work experience, mental well-being services and other resources to empower youth for the diverse jobs of tomorrow in our Canadian agriculture industry. We’ve also partnered with various agriculture groups and organizations. Together, we’ve combined their wealth of experience, insights and industry-tailored programs with the network, resources and scale of the RBC Future Launch program to deliver tailored resources to support the unique needs and opportunities of talent entering the agriculture industry.

Did you know?

    • Canada imports more farm machinery than we make, while our share of global ag tech investment is only 3.4%, behind that of India and Brazil, presenting a major opportunity for technological education, investments and innovations in the Canadian ag tech space.1

    • The demand potential for Ontario Agriculture College (OAC) graduates exceeds supply. There are approximately four jobs available for every OAC graduate entering the agri-food sector.2

    • 51% of food companies and 67% of agri-businesses report difficulty in finding recruits, up from 28% and 40% respectively in 2012.2

    • 56% of agricultural respondents & 44% of food respondents project an increase in hires over the next 5 years.2

Check out some of our partners and their programs focused on agriculture

Learn To Do By Doing

4-H is a non-for-profit organization that is focused on strong leadership for world-class positive youth development experiences in Canada. 4-H Canada has more than 23,500 youth members and 8,700 volunteer leaders. 4-H, along with their partners, offers innovative, youth-centred programs that provide meaningful experiences designed to build confidence, positive self-identity, self-esteem, and a sense of achievement.

Careers on the Grow

This career development program prepares rural and suburban youth for the workforce by providing hands-on experiential learning opportunities and internships. Open to 4-H members and recent alumni, this program offers practical work-experience and builds skills and knowledge sought by employers.

Skills you’ll learn:

  • Decision making

  • Communications

  • Teamwork

  • Leadership

4-H in Canada operates at three levels; national, provincial and local. Each province has a 4-H organization that operates autonomously. Connect to 4-H in your area.

The national voice of Canada’s 55,000 beef farms

CCA works to address issues that concern Canada’s beef producers. As part of CCA, RBC is a proud sponsor of the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) Mentorship Program.

Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) Mentorship Program

The CYL Program provides industry-specific training through a nine-month mentorship with an industry expert in participants’ specific area of interest. Young people in the beef sector have the opportunity to engage with experts and leaders by participating in various industry events and meetings, both at home and internationally.

Age: 18 – 35

Application Date: January – March

Program Takeaways

  • Hand-selected expert mentor

  • Attend events to expand industry knowledge and network

  • Completion of Beef Advocacy Canada program & Verified Beef Production Plus training

Celebrating Canadian agriculture since 1922

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair takes place every November in the City of Toronto to celebrate the best in agriculture, local food, and equestrian competitions from across the country. Visit the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair to stay updated on all things Royal.

Royal Agriculture Virtual Experience

A unique opportunity to experience the very best in Canadian agriculture and food from your laptop, tablet, smartphone or desktop. Explore exciting careers in agriculture and food or build your personal brand through Grow Your Skills Presented by RBC Future Launch.

Age: 15 – 25

Grow Your Skills presented by RBC Future Launch

Explore surprising STEM-based career options and better prepare themselves for a future in agri-food. You can look forward to engaging RBC Learning Sessions, professional development tools, and networking opportunities.

To view the most recent event and sessions, visit the Royal Agriculture Virtual Experience and register to access content, videos and other resources.

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