Black History Month Events at RBC

Our annual celebration―organized by our MOSAIC employee resource group―and our student essay competitionopens to another site are just two examples of RBC’s commitment to talent and culture, clients and communities.

Diversity & Inclusion at RBC

Diversity and inclusion is more than just a value, it’s our strength. It’s one of the ways we bring RBC’s purpose of helping clients thrive and communities prosper to life. We’re proud of the progress we’ve made and we’re motivated by what’s still to come.

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Our Stories

A culture of social inclusion starts with you.

Take a look at these conversations and stories that help accelerate inclusion.

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Inclusion Learning Centre

We believe contributing as a thought leader translates into being a catalyst for change inclusion and an enabler of progress.

The Inclusion Learning Centre provides training, inclusion activities and videos to learn how to support diversity and accelerate inclusion in the workplace.

A Discussion Guide for Inclusion

Before we can speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion. This document helps guide those conversations.

Picture This

This video helps you recognize and question your unconscious biases. Let’s try an experiment.

Outsmarting Our Brains

Steps to overcoming hidden biases to harness the benefits of diversity’s true potential.

Accelerating Diversity & Inclusion

RBC’s Strategy in the UK

RBC participated in a special Raconteur report in The Times focusing on diversity and inclusion. Read about some of our innovative programmes and policies.

Our Commitments to Inclusion

RBC is putting diversity into action to build an inclusive workplace that helps employees, clients and communities thrive.


It takes a great workplace for people to be their best and we’re proud that our inclusive and diverse culture is consistently recognized as one of the greatest.