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Speak Up for Inclusion

Watch these powerful stories and be inspired to start your own conversations. Because we believe that in order to speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion.

Image of African-Canadian Woman Standing in Elevator

Instead of listening to that little voice inside your head that tells you to remain silent, use it to speak up for inclusion.

Screenshot of a Speak Up for the Inclusion of Women video participant

Through candid discussions about cultural and societal challenges faced by women in the workforce, we are openly questioning barriers to inclusion and equality.

Screenshot of a When More People Speak Up, More People Listen video participant

Watch the conversation surrounding diversity and inclusion deepen when we simply ask a diverse group of people to share their experiences.

Screenshot of a Picture This video participant

Try this experiment that questions some basic assumptions made about people.

Screenshot of a Speak Up for LGBTQ+ Inclusion video participant

A conversation that speaks to the challenges surrounding LGBTQ+ issues and the benefits of creating inclusive environments for everyone.

RBC Logo #strongertogether heart symbol

Watch and share this short video about RBC’s commitment to meaningful change.

Purple International Womens Day image

RBCers commit to change the world and Speak Up for Inclusion

RBC Indigenous Employees: Stay True to Who You Are

This video series shares the personal and cultural exploration by some of our Indigenous employees and how RBC is working to provide opportunities to contribute and grow.

Video screenshot of a group of RBC Indigenous employees standing outside

We talk to RBC Indigenous employees about how they are thriving in an industry far removed from their cultural heritage, while staying true to who they are.

Betty Rose-Commu, RBC employee

Hear from Betty Rose-Commu, GTR West Regional Vice President, about how, through her unrelenting pursuit of growth, she learned that she is always her own best asset.

Harry Wilmot, RBC employee

Harry Wilmot, Senior Advisor of Indigenous Markets, talks about how his work at RBC allows him to pursue his personal commitment to help carve a prosperous future for Indigenous generations.

Jessica Shute and Eric Turner, RBC employees

Jessica Shute, Mortgage Specialist, and Eric Turner VP, Commercial Financial Services, tell us how a dedicated program at RBC helped them to explore their heritage and learn more about who they are.

Karen Bird, RBC employee

Karen Bird, RBC Dominion Securities Investment Advisor, explains how she derives creativity from staying true to herself and how that creativity enables her to promote positive change in her community.

Michael Polak, RBC employee

Michael Polak, Associate Account Manager, Commercial, talks about discovering his Indigenous voice and how he became inspired to take positive action.

Powerful Women Empowering Women

Award-winning broadcast journalist, Soledad O’Brien, discusses inspiring stories of achievement with extraordinary women who, through talent and determination, have blazed a trail they hope will inspire a new generation of female achievers.

Soledad O’Brien interviewing Dessa

Dessa is a singer, rapper and writer whose albums “Parts of Speech” and “Chime” reached the top 200 on the Billboard charts and whose writing has been published in The New York Times.

Soledad O’Brien interviewing Cynthia Vernón

Cynthia Vernón, Ph.D., started her career in the 1960s as a mathematician at NASA during a time when women were underrepresented.

Soledad O’Brien interviewing Susannah Wellford

Susannah Wellford is the founder of two organizations, Running Start and Women Under Forty Political Action Committee (WUFPAC), designed to raise the political voice of young women in America.

Soledad O’Brien interviewing Lindsay Whalen

Lindsay Whalen is head coach of the University of Minnesota women’s basketball team and former Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) world champion.

A Sense of Place at RBC

Find out how our employees use their skills to have a positive impact on others’ lives.

Image of Vikesh

He wanted to come to the U.S. since the 6th grade and has been with RBC nearly 20 years. Discover how Vikesh has found incredible support and success at every level of RBC.

Image of Lee

Growing up in an adopted home, Lee often struggled to find people like herself, in ethnicity and background. Today, she feels a sense of belonging at RBC and feels valued as a whole person. This is her story.

Image of Luis

Luis is a trailblazer: He’s a first-generation American, the first in his family to go to college and proudly identifies as gay. Learn how he’s always felt a sense of acceptance at RBC.

Image of Adonika

Helping people and making an impact on someone’s future are Adonika’s guiding principles. And the appreciation she hears from clients – and RBC – make a difference in her work every day.

Image of Jason

Jason believes that to be a financial advisor today, one has to be caring and compassionate. Learn how that idea has driven his entire career.

Screenshot of a video participant

Inclusion Learning Centre

By working together and providing education about inclusion we can meet new challenges, fuel innovation through diversity of thought, help create prosperity through inclusive design and make a positive impact in the workplace and on society.