Advancing Diversity

Drive opportunities for growth and development to attract and retain diverse top talent

“Investing in a diverse workforce will continue to position RBC for success, thanks to the diversity of thought, ideas and innovation that is naturally derived. We believe diversity and inclusion is an engine for innovation and economic resilience, supporting better workplaces and communities.” – Kelly Pereira, Chief Human Resources Officer

Our focus areas:

  • Enhancing hiring and recruitment programs
  • Driving equitable opportunities for pay, promotion and development
  • Improving diversity in leadership at all levels, across all segments
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Strengthening Inclusion

Enable an inclusive culture that supports innovation, productivity and well-being

“To achieve a truly inclusive culture in the workplace, we must create a sense of belonging and an environment where employees feel safe to speak up at all times. We have made significant progress, but we aren’t done yet. I look forward to building on this momentum, having the hard conversations and driving a truly inclusive culture at RBC.” – Chinyere Eni-McLean, Regional Vice President, Commercial Finance Services

Our focus areas:

  • Strengthening inclusive-leadership capabilities
  • Listening to our employees
  • Leading with empathy and creating safe spaces
  • Driving accountability
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Enabling Economic Inclusion

Influence systemic change through partnerships, products and services

“Diversity and inclusion is much more than a foundational talent strategy at RBC. In order to live our purpose of helping clients thrive and communities prosper, it’s critical that our efforts to advance diversity and strengthen inclusion emanate through our operations, our products, and our services so that we are truly driving inclusive economic growth.” – Greg Grice, EVP, P&CB Regional Banking

Our focus areas:

  • Influencing equitable access to financial products and services
  • Supporting products, programs and initiatives that create positive economic and social impact
  • Leveraging our purchasing power to influence supplier and client diversity efforts
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Inclusion Learning Centre

We believe contributing as a thought leader translates into being a catalyst for change inclusion and an enabler of progress.

The Inclusion Learning Centre provides training, inclusion activities and videos to learn how to support diversity and accelerate inclusion in the workplace.

Conversations About Diversity and Inclusion

A collection of videos highlighting honest conversations about inclusion. Each series features individual stories from real people, including RBC employees, sharing what inclusion means to them.

More Talent Untapped Podcast

People with disabilities are talent that we don't regularly see or hear from—Anna-Karina Tabuñar brings us their stories. This podcast, sponsored by RBC, is about strength in difference, diversity and inclusion.

Outsmarting Our Brains

Steps to overcoming hidden biases to harness the benefits of diversity’s true potential.