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Corporate Responsibility Report and Public Accountability Statement Archive

RBC produces an annual Public Accountability Statement to show our impact on society and the economy in Canada.

All of our past Corporate Responsibility Reports and Public Accountability Statements are archived here, and are available for electronic download. Please note, from 2003 – 2012, we published the Public Accountability Statement as part of the larger Corporate Responsibility Report, which showcases our global impact. From 2013 onward, the two documents were published separately, and the archives have been titled accordingly. To support our efforts to reduce our environmental footprint, we no longer offer this publication in print.

2013 Public Accountability Statement (opens PDF in new window)


Previous Corporate Responsibility Reports and Public Accountability Statements
(opens PDF in new window) 2012 (opens PDF in new window) 2007
(opens PDF in new window) 2011 (opens PDF in new window) 2006
(opens PDF in new window) 2010 (opens PDF in new window) 2005
(opens PDF in new window) 2009 (opens PDF in new window) 2004
(opens PDF in new window) 2008 (opens PDF in new window) 2003