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Reporting & Performance

Corporate Responsibility Reporting

Read about our performance and priorities for the past year.

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Since 1999, RBC's annual Corporate Responsibility Report has continued to grow in length, topping 118 pages in 2012. From talking to our stakeholders, we know that our report provides too much information for most people, but not nearly enough for specialists and analysts.

In 2013, we took a look at our suite of CR reporting tools with fresh eyes, and conducted two rigorous evaluation processes to test the efficacy of our reporting suite. As a result, starting in 2014, our corporate responsibility/sustainability reporting will include:

  • Our Global Corporate Responsibility Review (opens PDF in new window), a consumer–friendly brochure containing 34 key performance indicators about our annual social, economic and environmental impact.
  • A Public Accountability Statement (opens PDF in new window), which provides disclosure around our impact on Canada’s economy and society, and which is a regulatory requirement for financial services companies in Canada.
  • A set of Corporate Responsibility Backgrounders, providing a deep level of detail on the standing policies, procedures and programs within categories upon which we have been reporting since 2005 (corporate responsibility (opens PDF in new window), integrity/business ethics, economic and environmental impact, and practices in the marketplace, workplace and community (opens PDF in new window).).
  • Targeted reporting around a handful of key issues relevant to our business, to be made available later in 2015.
  • Links to reports and publications produced by various departments and businesses within RBC, such as our annual Diversity Progress Report, our Aboriginal Partnership Report, the RBC Environmental Blueprint Report Card and our Carbon Disclosure Statement.
  • Our Quarterly Reports to Shareholders, Annual Report, Annual Information Form and Management Proxy Circular, which will continue to provide disclosure about our operations and financial condition, and information related to corporate governance, executive compensation and risk management to investors, analysts and regulators.
  • A "Build your own CR Report" portal on so that stakeholders can select from any or all of the above disclosure, available in the near future.

As a result, the contents of this page will evolve over the coming months as we develop the suite of CR Reporting materials.