Our Board Diversity Policy sets out the Board’s diversity objectives. Every year, the Governance Committee completes a self-assessment against these diversity objectives. It reviews the Board’s composition and any anticipated vacancies and assesses each director candidate with a focus on our commitment to a balanced and diverse Board.

The Human Resources Committee plays a key role in overseeing talent strategies and succession planning to ensure we have a diverse talent pool for growth and future leadership. It engages with management on the bank’s progress against its diversity goals and the steps taken to advance diverse leadership for women and BIPOC employees and support the bank’s vision to be among the most inclusive companies.

This D&I model is governed by our Global Diversity Leadership Council (DLC), which was established in 2001 and has been chaired by the president and CEO ever since. Our Global Diversity & Inclusion Centre of Excellence (CoE) is led by a vice president and supported by the senior vice president of Talent Strategy & Solutions. This CoE establishes strategies to enable RBC’s D&I vision, ensures RBC is making measurable progress in achieving its D&I goals and commitments, guides the organization in all matters related to D&I and drives the network of D&I leaders, ambassadors and supporters. The CoE is further supported by, among others, our business units, functions (Finance, Risk, Law, etc.) and their respective DLCs, ERGs as well as all aspects of Human Resources and other functional teams.

Board of Directors and its Committees

Board Oversight

Oversees strategy, risk and culture, and reviews strategies and programs for increasing diversity and inclusion at all levels of the organization.

Governance Committee

Oversees Board renewal, identifying and recommending to the Board individuals for election or re-election as directors, with a focus on our commitment to enhancing diversity on the Board.

Human Resources Committee

Oversees key talent management and human resources strategies and practices to advance diversity and inclusion across RBC, and considers social and governance practices in evaluating CEO and Group Executive performance against the risk and strategic objectives in our short-term incentive program.

Global Diversity Leadership Council (DLC) and Management

Enterprise DLC

Provides counsel and guidance on strategic priorities and D&I commitments, bringing business implications, benefits and external and internal knowledge to the forefront of our strategic design.

DLC Mission:
  • Promote an understanding of the business case for diversity and inclusion and associated opportunities within our workplace, client markets and communities at the enterprise and business level
  • Accelerate culture change across RBC to ensure we fully leverage RBC’s shared value of Diversity for growth and innovation
  • Create a rewarding, inclusive work environment where all employees have opportunities and are respected and valued for their contributions
  • Chaired by CEO, Dave McKay
  • Executive diversity champions from all businesses and functions
  • Minimum two-year term
  • Ideally, members are on their Operating Committees or have access and ability to influence Operating Committee members
Council Responsibilities:
  • Drive development of enterprise-wide diversity and inclusion strategy
  • Endorse enterprise goals and key performance metrics
  • Monitor and report on progress
  • Sponsor enterprise-wide initiatives including Thought Leadership initiatives
  • Communicate internally, externally to raise profile, build engagement and recognize leadership efforts
  • Be a visible diversity champion, advocate and catalyst for change
Current members:

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Global D&I CoE

Sets the D&I strategy and vision for RBC. Ensures RBC is making measurable progress in achieving its D&I goals and commitments, steering the bank on all matters related to D&I and driving the network of D&I leaders, ambassadors and supporters.

Group Executive

Ensures leadership team is held accountable for D&I outcomes and responsible for D&I performance within their respective businesses and functions. Leads by example and champions D&I initiatives, strategies and policies.

Business Units, Functions & DLCs

Drive accountability for D&I commitments and advance D&I within their lines of business or functions. Determine their key goals and ensure specific initiatives are implemented to support employees, clients and the communities where we operate.


The Global Diversity & Inclusion Center of Excellence is supported by teams across the organization who, among others, drive inclusive recruitment efforts, build programs that strengthen the diversity of our leadership teams, design equitable compensation and benefits practices and policies, manage partnerships, donations and sponsorship initiatives, design accessible workplaces and work to provide opportunities to diverse-owned businesses.

  • Employee Resource Groups
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Leadership Development
  • Learning & Performance
  • Employee Relations
  • Talent Solutions
  • Future of Work & Culture
  • Talent Data & Analytics
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Corporate Real Estate
  • Corporate Citizenship
  • Procurement
  • Technology & Operations

Inclusion Learning Centre

We believe contributing as a thought leader translates into being a catalyst for change inclusion and an enabler of progress.

The Inclusion Learning Centre provides training, inclusion activities and videos to learn how to support diversity and accelerate inclusion in the workplace.

Conversations About Diversity and Inclusion

A collection of videos highlighting honest conversations about inclusion. Each series features individual stories from real people, including RBC employees, sharing what inclusion means to them.

More Talent Untapped Podcast

People with disabilities are talent that we don't regularly see or hear from—Anna-Karina Tabuñar brings us their stories. This podcast, sponsored by RBC, is about strength in difference, diversity and inclusion.

Outsmarting Our Brains

Steps to overcoming hidden biases to harness the benefits of diversity’s true potential.