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RBC believes all issues can be resolved by using open communication – usually at the source. Whether it’s used to answer a question, solve a problem or share a success, communication is the key. Your feedback is used to continually improve the quality of products and services we provide to all of our valued clients.

While positive comments are welcome, it’s equally important for us to know when there is a problem. This allows us to resolve it and retain your confidence. Available for you to express your concerns or provide feedback about your experiences with RBC® companies are these three steps, which we suggest be taken in the following order:

  • Start at the source
  • Contact the appropriate centre
  • Escalate your Complaint

We want to handle your complaint in the most efficient and professional manner possible. Answering the questions below will guide you to the correct contact to help ensure your complaint can be resolved as quickly as possible.

Make a Complaint

In order to ensure your complaint is addressed as quickly and easily as possible, please tell us which line of business your complaint pertains to:

Not sure to which line of business your complaint pertains? See these examples(Opens in new window).

Did You Know?

If your goal is to have your concern heard and resolved as soon as possible. Our experience is that over 80% of complaints can be resolved at the source from where they started.

Additional Resources

Review additional resources for making your complaint or download our How to Make a Complaint brochure to review our guidelines and commitments to all our clients.

RBC Privacy & Security

We are committed to protecting the privacy of clients and the security of the personal information shared with us.

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Human Rights in our Business Activities

To raise concerns about RBC’s commitment to respect human rights in our business activities, please use this link(opens to external site) to submit a report. This includes reports of RBC business activities worldwide that may not align with our Human Rights Position Statement(PDF opens in a new window). For clarity, concerns related to employee behaviour should not be reported through this channel but should follow the Make a Complaint steps outlined on this page.