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1980 - 1995


Meeting the Challenges of Global Banking

Bond and stock trading desk, 1951
This photograph shows the Dominion Securities "trading desk" in 1951, shortly after the Stock Trading department began to carry out trading for the company on the Toronto Stock Exchange. The company's four bond traders are closest to the camera, and the four stock traders are in the background surrounded by teletype machines and their operators. The stock traders were in contact by direct line with Dominion Securities' three floor traders on the floor of the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Dominion Securities - a new name in underwriting Canadian bonds
This 1902 advertisement is one of the first Dominion Securities ads to appear in The Monetary Times, an influential Canadian business and financial weekly newspaper founded in 1867.

State of the art trading room
RBC DS Global Markets trading room in Royal Bank Plaza, Toronto was the largest trading room in Canada when it was completed in 1996 - a 20,000 square foot sea of trading desks.

Dominion Securities grew through merger
In 1981 and 1984, Dominion Securities made two important acquisitions: A.E. Ames & Co. and Pitfield, Mackay, Ross Limited. Both companies had strong retail and underwriting facilities, and brought with them a dedicated and knowledgeable staff with a tradition of good research. One important way that a securities firm interacts with its customers is through its research publications - above are two examples distributed by A.E. Ames and Pitfield Mackay Ross dating from 1967 and 1977.

A Registered Retirement Saving Plan for all clients
The Retirement Savings market is one example of the limitless potential of the deregulated financial services marketplace for finding the very best portfolio of products for each client. RSP plans from RBC Dominion Securities, Royal Bank, Royal Trust, and Royal Direct have unique characteristics. In a market where one product most definitely does not suit everyone, the availability of different retirement products in one location is a definite advantage. The result is seamless customer service, arising from the synergy between the businesses that now make up RBC Financial Group.

Canada's leading underwriter
This photograph shows new ground station equipment of Cable and Wireless plc, a company for which Dominion Securities served as manager of the $58.4 million Canadian portion of the company's worldwide equity offering in 1986. This equity offering, reported in the 1986 Annual Report, the first year that Dominion Securities operated as a public company, is one example of the new stock issues that made Dominion Securities consistently one of the leading underwriters of corporate public issues in Canada. As well, it indicates the growing recognition by foreign corporations of the company's leading role in the Canadian market.


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