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RBC Letter

RBC Letter presented a Canadian perspective on subjects that ranged from self-help through management to history and philosophy. It is no longer published.

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The Blue Planet (February 2008): Water is unique, and no other substance is more important to our survival. Yet we continue to ignore the fact that clean, fresh water is in increasingly short supply over much of the world. Are we sunk? Not if we learn to treat water as a human right as well as a scarce resource…

Special Collection

Retrospective on the Environment: RBC Letter has been examining topics related to natural resources and the environment for decades. Why not take a walk through time, and see what we've been thinking about the environment since 1944.

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Mental Health Today and Tomorrow August 2002
In Praise of Volunteers June 2001
The Importance of Teaching September/October 1989
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75th Anniversary
Commemorative Issue
January 1994


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The Royal Bank of Canada Monthly Letter was published from 1920 until 2008 (under the name RBC Letter).

Discover the story behind this historic Canadian publication on the History and About RBC Letter.