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The Federal government has introduced a new Financial Consumer Protection Framework under the Bank Act to further protect customers of banking services. RBC is enhancing and strengthening its consumer protection measures to comply with the framework and provide added security and peace of mind for clients. We believe in earning the right to be our customers’ first choice by building trust and offering appropriate products and services to meet your financial needs. Below we highlight some of the recent enhancements.


Financial institutions will be required to send electronic Alerts to all Personal clients when:

  • A bank account balance falls below $100
  • A credit card balance is within $100 of the credit limit
  • An available credit on a Royal Credit Line or RBC Homeline Plan falls below $100

You can choose to manage your Alert settings within the Alert Centre in RBC Online Banking or the RBC mobile app. You can also customize your Alert thresholds, notification methods and products for which Alerts are received. This may help avoid unexpected fees or interest charges, and quickly spot any unusual activity.

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RBC is simplifying its complaints-handling processes and increasing transparency and speed of resolution to ensure exceptional client experiences.

  • If your complaint cannot be resolved within 14 days by the employee that you initially raised it to, we will automatically send it to our specialized Client Care Team for further review and attention. You may request that a complaint be escalated at any time. We will work to resolve all complaints within 56 days
  • You will receive written notifications of updates throughout the complaints process
  • The Ombudsman’s office is being renamed the RBC Client Complaints Appeal Office, a signal to clients that this is an internal body employed within the bank. The RBC Client Complaints Appeal Office (CCAO) is the most senior designated officer appointed to address escalated complaints within RBC. Their role is to provide an appeal process for complainants.
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