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Our goal is to make our websites accessible and usable for our clients. For example, we use high-contrast colours — one way of making our pages easier to read for people with vision problems.

RBC Online Banking:

Here are some of the ways you can have a better experience doing your banking online with RBC:

  • Alternative text for images (particularly important if you use screen-reading software such as JAWS)
  • Clear column headers making related information easy to find
  • No need to repeat steps. Use a link to skip to your desired destination
  • Pop up instructions on buttons and links to open a new window
  • Headings to show the relative importance of information on a page
  • Flexibility not to use a mouse — interactive functions are available using your keyboard
  • Alternative ways of communicating information other than through colour for people who cannot distinguish easily between colours

Ongoing Improvements

Our guidelines are based on the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. We continue to review all of our websites for ease and accessibility.

Did You Know?

About 4.4 million Canadians (14.3%) have reported having a disability. The percentage of Canadians with disabilities increases with age, ranging from 3.7% for children 14 years and under to 56.3% for those 75 years and over.

Source: Statistics Canada. Participation and Activity Limitation Survey 2006


Ensuring equal access to both our spaces and our services is a priority for RBC. As we make ongoing accessibility improvements, we involve our employees, clients, industry specialists and other stakeholders in the process.

Our Commitment to Barrier-Free Spaces

To better accommodate clients and staff with disabilities, we're committed to providing barrier-free accessibility where we operate. This is reflected in the design of all our new branches, and, where possible, in our renovations. For example, we provide:

  • Automated/accessible doors and vestibules
  • Barrier-free ramps to vaults and service areas
  • ATMs built to be barrier-free including lowered mounting heights; some are also equipped with Braille
  • Learn more about our Audio ATMs
  • Barrier-free washrooms in every new branch
  • Barrier-free safety deposit box booths in new branches
  • Where available, at least one parking space reserved for customers with disabilities
  • Lifts or elevators in new multi-level branches

We're also working with our landlords to reduce barriers to accessibility in the buildings we lease.

Office Space Design

We've put accessible furniture in office spaces where our representatives meet with clients. For example, some of our tables have tops that can be easily raised, lowered or tilted to adjust to the needs of people in wheelchairs.

Improving Accessibility

RBC strives for improved accessibility across its branch network and recognizes that further steps can and will be taken to help RBC become barrier free by, for example, engaging in initiatives to identify and eliminate physical barriers including annual proactive branch renovations as needed.

Telephone Services

We're committed to providing convenient telephone access to our services.

A Leader in Telephone Banking Since 1994

Contact centres at RBC were first established in the fall of 1994. They offered clients the ability to review their account balances, make bill payments and transfer funds from one RBC account to another.

Today, our telephone representatives can discuss a variety of financial solutions available to you, including loans, mortgages, Visa cards and investments. You can do almost all your banking with us from the comfort of your home or office.

Virtual Assistant

Our Virtual Assistant enables clients to do banking using voice commands. This can be helpful for people who have vision loss. For privacy reasons, clients have the option to enter their client card number using the telephone keypad.

People who have speech disabilities and who prefer to use their telephone keypad to receive their account balances and transaction history, pay bills and transfer funds, can do their banking by calling 1-800-769-2544 1-800-769-2544.

Teletypewriter (TTY) Services

Clients who are deaf or hard of hearing can take advantage of our Teletypewriter (TTY) services, which use teletype devices with written text. Our TTY lines are available in English and French, and are as responsive as our regular phone lines. Just call us at 1-800-661-1275 1-800-661-1275 — we'll be glad to help you.

Relay Services can also be used to talk to a representative about banking needs, particularly for more complex requirements.

A Convenient Point of Contact

With an average of 95,000 client conversations each day, our contact centres offer a convenient, accessible point of contact for a broad range of personal and business solutions.


Our network of over 4600 banking machines is the largest in Canada — and we're continuing to expand. We continue to add new banking machines to be able to provide our clients with convenient access to their money and RBC offered services.

Setting ATM Standards

We worked with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) to shape the industry standard for barrier-free ATMs. We were the first bank worldwide to provide voice guidance enabled or "talking" ATMs — and our prototype was adopted as the de facto standard by both the CSA and other standards organizations around the world.

Voice guidance orientation package can be obtained by calling 1-800-769-2597 1-800-769-2597, and available in the following formats:

  • Large Print English
  • Large Print French
  • Braille English
  • Braille French
  • Audio & e–Text CD's

ATM Availability

As of December 2010, all RBC branch banking machines are voice guidance enabled and in each branch location we have at least one dedicated wheelchair accessible ATM that meets and exceeds the CSA standards.

ATM Search

Find an RBC banking machine with audio capability using the RBC ATM search tool.

Printed materials in alternative formats

We're here to meet your needs

At Royal Bank, meeting the diverse needs of our clients is a top priority. To accommodate everyone, we offer a wide range of accessible banking services.
You can receive RBC materials in a number of formats, including large type, audio cassettes, CDs, Braille and e-text.

Personal Deposit Accounts - Braille Statements

Our Personal Deposit Accounts – Braille Statements are based on community feedback and today's industry standards. We use Grade 1 Braille, a format known for its universality. Some high level features of the Personal Deposit Account – Braille Statements include:

  • A "Contact us" section, which provides both a phone number and website information.
  • Transaction descriptions that clearly identify the type of transaction performed. For example:
    • "INTERAC purchase"
    • "Royal Foreign Exchange withdrawal"
    • "Wireless Banking funds transfer"
  • A summary section with the account's opening and closing balances, total deposits and withdrawals for the reporting period.
  • The inclusion of all statement messages on the Braille statement.
  • The use of both sides of the paper to print the statement.

Personal Deposit Cheques

Our personal deposit cheques feature large print and black linework on a white background for maximum contrast. They also include perforated lines, which provide tactile guidance and assist with writing.


For audio accessibility, we have information in CD or cassette format that's read by a professional narrator.


Our e-texts come in CD format and can be used in various software applications to magnify the onscreen text.

Order Print Materials

If you'd like any of our brochures or other marketing materials in formats such as Braille, CD, large print and audio cassette, please call us at 1-800-769-2597 1-800-769-2597.

Braille Statement Contact Information

For more information on our Personal Deposit Accounts - Braille statements or other statement options, please call us at 1-800-769-2597 1-800-769-2597.

Mobile Services

The RBC Mobile app gives you personalized tools and insights so you can save, spend and manage your money accessibly and with ease.

RBC Mobile app

The RBC Mobile app is developed to respond to accessible input methods and is compatible with some of your device’s accessibility features including VoiceOver and Zoom on iOS, or TalkBack and magnification for devices powered by Android operating software.

Here is some of the functionality enabling you to have a better experience when you do your banking through the RBC Mobile app:

  • Interactive functions are available using familiar gestures and navigation based on your Operating System’s standards
  • Important notifications and alerts are prioritized, so you won’t be left guessing if you’ve completed a transaction successfully or encountered an error
  • Alternative text is provided for images, headings summarize the main content of the page, and any calls to action are descriptive enough to be understood on their own
  • Colour contrast is used to ensure content is distinguishable and legible
  • Notices that use colour to represent urgency also include alternative text to communicate critical information to those who cannot easily distinguish between colours
  • Bluetooth keyboards are supported
  • Compatible in English and French, based on the client’s device settings

Download the RBC Mobile app today

Take care of your banking needs when it’s convenient for you.

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Or text “RBC” to 722722 and we’ll send you the link.
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We are constantly looking for ways to improve. Please share your thoughts about Accessibility at RBC by emailing us.

Community and Sustainability

We believe in the power of diverse communities and the individuals who live in them.

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