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We’re on a journey to fundamentally change what we do.

At RBC, we believe the future of banking must adapt to the world of tomorrow – a world that offers great opportunity for our clients and communities.

Society is in the midst of a data-driven revolution.

Fueled by technology disruption and a digitally connected world, we’re seeing dramatic changes in the way we live and work. The lines dividing industries are being redrawn, and the ways consumers connect with brands and service providers in life, and in business, are being redefined.

At times, the speed of change can seem overwhelming. But we believe it’s possible to embrace disruption and the opportunities that come with it – it just takes imagination and insight.

That’s at the heart of our purpose-driven journey to build the RBC of the future and reimagine the role we play in the lives of our customers.

Across the globe, our clients are just beginning to unlock extraordinary insights, knowledge and value from data – whether it’s personal banking clients better understanding their financial profile or commercial and institutional clients better understanding the competitive marketplace.

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Our goal is to unite the power of data-driven insights with the creativity and expertise of our people. We believe this will improve the lives of our clients and the communities around us.

This is core to our thinking as we bring our clients’ big ambitions to life and solve some of society’s biggest challenges in a changing world.

It’s why we’re investing in artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technologies to deliver insights and predict outcomes that our clients could never have imagined in the past – all while maintaining trust around the use and safety of their data.

It’s also why we’re reengineering our core technologies and rethinking all the experiences we deliver. With customer wants and needs changing, we’re not just digitizing our existing products, but co-creating new services and experiences with our clients to engage with them in deeper, smarter and simpler ways.

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Looking to the future, we know our success rests on the strength of our 16 million clients and the health of our communities.

We’re using capital as a force for positive change by investing in leading start-ups, building partnerships with universities and innovation networks across the world, investing in curiosity-driven research to help advance the science around machine learning and ethical AI, and leading efforts to support renewable energy innovation.

And we can’t do any of this without investing in our people – a diverse and talented team of 85,000 who are more agile, collaborative and client-focused than ever before. We can shift from the spark of an idea in our researchers’ minds right into the hands of our clients all within the matter of weeks.

If it doesn’t exist, you can be sure we’re working on it.

At RBC, we’ve led and navigated through periods of great change for over 150 years.

This is the next chapter of our journey to help our clients thrive and communities prosper.

Because we’re not just thinking about what isn’t, but what could be.