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Our Commitment to Community and Social Impact

Every day, clients talk to us about their goals and aspirations – for their families and businesses as well as for the future of the communities in which we live. We listen and learn about the personal challenges and opportunities we all face together as a society so that we can respond.

But our role as a leading business and brand comes with greater expectations. People look to us to make sense of the world around them, share our views and speak up on issues that demand leadership.

There is an expectation that we understand the bigger picture, how global forces from technological disruption to climate change are having a direct impact on our lives and livelihoods.

This vantage point provides us with a unique perspective on the issues that matter most to our collective future. RBC’s reach and scale enable us to move together to support shaping that future.

We are guided by our Purpose to help our clients thrive and communities prosper. It mobilizes us to create meaningful value in everything we do as a bank, but also in ways that extend beyond our walls. That’s because we know RBC is part of something larger than itself.

Our approach combines our collective resources, talents and connections and enables us to bring people together in common cause to make positive change. This includes working with our community partners, subject matter experts, and the public and private sectors to promote and celebrate inclusion and vibrancy in our communities.

You can see it in how we believe that helping young people prepare to thrive in the knowledge economy is fundamental to sustaining the kind of world we want. So too is achieving the transition to net-zero. RBC is actively engaged on both fronts, leading by example and investing our broad range of resources to bring about positive outcomes.

We connect with young people, providing opportunities to develop skills, network, gain work experience and more easily access mental well-being services through partner programs and RBC created resources.

A young girl smiling and sitting by a coffee table with her phone and laptop

You can see it in the ways we prioritize clean economic growth. We have a business target of $500 billion in sustainable financing by 2025. Our significant purchasing power influences positive change to how other businesses are run, advancing priorities such as diversity and inclusion and ensuring inclusive procurement. We engage in important conversations and by taking a stand on issues that matter and developing insights that drive debate and advance our collective understanding for a prosperous, sustainable future.

A view of looking up at a glass skyscraper with trees

And in the ways we empower and celebrate emerging and ascending artists and how we help build vibrant communities through a connection to art.

We are in a position of strength to provide critical capital support through our Foundation to communities and individuals when they need it most. We’ve been honoured to have served and supported our communities around the globe, for more than 150 years. Indeed, in 2022 we aligned more than $154 million in donations to our strategic priority pillars, directing funds to local community organizations and causes in the places where we operate.

You can see it in the actions of the people who choose to reflect our values through their own contributions at work and in the community. Our ability to make a difference would not happen without them. We are inspired by our team of over 95,000 employees who do good by spending hundreds of thousands of hours volunteering their time and talents in their communities. Our colleagues also give generously to help build stronger communities, by raising and donating millions of dollars to support thousands of charities each year through our annual employee giving campaign. Their engagement is in part the result of a culture that brings out their best, and supports them to be their best. Helping employees to learn, grow, and achieve their career aspirations is integral to our Purpose.

The world is transforming at an unprecedented pace, impacting the places where we live and work, for better and at times worse.

There has never been a greater need for extraordinary leadership to maximize the opportunities and mitigate the risks we face in our communities, and across the planet. It is a privilege and a source of pride for RBC to do its part and focus on building resilient economies.

Our bank will continue to leverage our leadership and harness our resources to create meaningful value to those we serve.