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For more than 25 years, RBC has been committed to the reconciliation journey, working with Indigenous Peoples and communities through specific initiatives designed to generate genuine and meaningful change. Our annual partnership report – A Chosen Journey – celebrates Indigenous successes and affirms our commitment to the Indigenous community. Since 2009, A Chosen Journey has demonstrated our long history of partnering with Indigenous communities across Canada.

A Chosen Journey

The stories told throughout the pages of this year’s A Chosen Journey, which is published annually by the Royal Bank of Canada, celebrate the long-held tradition of innovation that has profoundly shaped Indigenous societies for millennia. Ancient knowledge has been preserved and passed from one generation to the next, helping build a more prosperous, peaceful and sustainable future for all. With this year’s report, we honour the past and look to the future, reaffirming our commitment to listen, take action and continue the reconciliation journey. We will always stand for Indigenous inclusion and prosperity — now and for all generations to come.