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FAQ: Toronto Program

The Canadian program will run during Summer 2019, starting in May and running to August 2019.

Canadian teams are based in the downtown core of Toronto, Ontario. The specific office location will be announced closer to the program's start date.

If joining the Amplify Program team requires an out-of-province move, we will cover major relocation costs at the beginning and end of the summer varying based on the specific needs of the successful applicant. During the program, it is each student's responsibility to cover daily commuting and living expenses throughout the four months.

Yes, if you are a Canadian citizen and attend a university in the U.S., or are able to attain the required Visa, then you can apply to international locations. Keep in mind that the international locations are scheduled to match with their respective school years, so the start and end dates may vary from the Canadian program.

FAQ: International Program

The timing of international locations will match with the respective school terms.

We're finalizing the international cities for Summer 2019. There will be multiple teams, in multiple cities across the world in regions where RBC offices exist.

There will be job postings for the specific cities that will be hosting Amplify teams during Summer 2019. To be considered for an international role in your city, you must apply to the location specific posting. Once open, these postings will be available at

FAQ: General

You'll be placed in a team with three other students who are just as impressive as you. You will be tasked with a real business challenge identified by leaders across RBC. Based on this challenge, it is your team's responsibility to recognize a problem space and work on developing an innovative solution over the course of the summer.

We're glad you asked! Some of the skills we're looking for include:

  • Strong communication skills and awesome presentation abilities;
  • Experience in stakeholder engagement and relationship management;
  • Critical thinking, leadership skills, and project management skills;
  • Not being afraid to challenge the status quo and think outside the box to advance solutions; and
  • A knack for identifying and articulating business value.

We are looking for talented developers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers to fill technical roles on Amplify teams.

Some of the skills we're looking for include:

  • Experience or understanding of programming languages, databases, platforms, frameworks, design techniques and tools, code management tooling and/or web technologies;
  • Self-driven, creative and analytical thinkers;
  • Ability to challenge the status quo and think outside the box to develop solutions;
  • Experience participating in hackathons; and
  • Experience with statistics, deep dive analytics, predictive modeling or algorithms.

A large large part of Amplify is the mentorship and support that each team receives. This is a unique opportunity to work on meaningful problems that have full executive support across RBC. As well, you’ll receive training in a variety of theories and methods including:

  • Lean Startup and Design Thinking training;
  • Presentation preparation and pitch coaching; and
  • Professional skill development.

Each team will be introduced to RBC business and technical mentors (we call them "Amplify Team Leads") to provide coaching and guidance as your teams works to develop your product. You will also have access to subject matter experts to dive deeper variety of technical and business topics.

At this point we're only accepting students who will be graduating from post-secondary studies between August 2019 and June 2020 (College, Undergrad, Master's or PhD).

Application Process

Hooray! Thanks for applying, we appreciate your enthusiasm. In mid–September, we'll begin contacting the strongest applicants for a brief phone interview, after which you may be invited to RBC for an in-person interview in early November.

Interviews will be in downtown Toronto core. For out-of-province applicants, there will be a phone/video interview to replace the in-person session.

The in-person interview will take approximately half a work day. In order to get to know you better, you will partake in behavioral, technical and group interviews. This will help us get a well-rounded perspective into what makes you so great!

We're here for you! So if you have any other questions, please connect with us at We’ll try our best to get back to you within 48 hours.