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Corporate Responsibility embodies the overall relationship of a corporation with its clients, shareholders, employees and communities. Behaving in a responsible manner while producing sound and sustainable financial results is an essential part of our relationships and a strategic investment in the future prosperity of our society.




Our clients
We are committed to providing a superior experience to all our clients. This is our prime focus in building strong, enduring relationships. We strive to meet our clients’ financial needs by providing integrated financial service offerings with top-quality, innovative products. We deliver our services through a variety of channels to ensure ease of client access. An integral part of providing a superior client experience is prompt, efficient attention to complaints. The Office of the Ombudsman provides an impartial appeal avenue for concerns not resolved through our established complaint management process.

Our shareholders
We are focused on maximizing long-term shareholder value through strong financial performance and returns and disciplined and profitable expansion. We are committed to providing excellent service and disclosure to our shareholders and ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance. Over the past 10 years, an investment in our common shares has provided shareholders with a compound annual total return of 19.6 per cent. Shareholder information is available at rbc.com/investorrelations.

Our employees
Our employees are fundamental to RBC Financial Group’s successful relationships with clients and communities. Our employees are guided by our vision of “Always earning the right to be our clients’ first choice” and our clients tell us that our employees are knowledgeable, professional and act consistently in clients’ best interests. We attract, engage and retain a world-class workforce through Total Rewards that encompass the whole employment experience. Employees tell us RBC Financial Group provides motivating work, extensive opportunities for learning and career development, competitive pay and benefits, and a positive and flexible environment where diversity is valued. Ensuring our employees continue to successfully meet the needs of our clients remains our goal.

Our community
We are considered a leader in corporate responsibility, and we consider “responsibility” to include the way we do business, how we treat our employees and clients, as well as our commitment to communities. This year, we invested more than $59 million in communities worldwide, including $39 million in donations, to causes such as after-school programs, health care initiatives and economic development; and over $20 million in the sponsorship of amateur athletics, the arts and local events. Our employees contributed countless volunteer hours, also sharing skills and knowledge to help enrich our communities. For more, see our 2004 Corporate Responsibility Report, or visit rbc.com/community.




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