How to Create a Diverse & Inclusive Environment
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How to Create a Diverse & Inclusive Environment

How to Create a Diverse Inclusive EnvironmentRBC’s journey from diversity to inclusion is central to our efforts to drive growth and innovation, and it begins with open and creative minds such as yours. Diversity, we like to say, is a FACT, Inclusion is a CHOICE.

We make thousands of decisions every day. Your daily choices could have a direct impact on advancing diversity and deepening inclusion at work and within your communities. Whether it’s your thoughts, words or actions – your choices matter.

The RBC Learning Centre gives you access to insightful diversity & inclusion research on workplace trends, current challenges and identify opportunities to promote and support diversity & inclusion everywhere.

We encourage leaders to have candid conversations with employees about how to better align career goals with succession plans. When we develop talent, Diversity & Inclusion is a key priority; we believe in providing opportunities to our diverse talent pool for skills development and long-term career advancement.


How YOU can be a catalyst for change

  • How do you Speak Up for InclusionTM?
  • Which area(s) of diversity & inclusion are important to you?
  • Are you engaged in efforts?
  • How can you enable diversity of thought to help foster innovation or build diverse teams?
  • Are you aware of your Unconscious Bias? Are you an inclusive leader?

Take these free tests (opens external website in new window) from Harvard University and Catalyst to learn and discover more about yourself.

Take the “Are You an Inclusive Leader” (opens external website in new window) quiz.


What your ORGANIZATION can do


  • Do you have a formal, published diversity & inclusion strategy?
  • How is your senior leadership engaged in or sponsoring the effort?
  • Are you engaging in multi-stakeholder collaborations to help advance the agenda?
  • Is the concept of inclusion understood by your employees?

What diversity metrics do you have in place and how are you measuring success?


RBC D&I resources

FORTUNE Knowledge Group, with sponsorship from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Releases Study on Gender Diversity

Outsmarting our brains: Overcoming hidden biases to harness diversity's true potential PDF (opens new window)(released November 2013)

The Catalyst Series: Career Advancement in Corporate Canada: A Focus on Visible Minorities - Lead Sponsor RBC’s

Diversity & Inclusion PracticesPDF (opens new window)(released February 2009)
Workplace Fit & StereotypingPDF (opens new window)(released June 2008)
Critical RelationshipsPDF (opens new window)(released November 2007)

Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020

Review our blueprint to find out more about our diversity priorities and objectives.

RBC Diversity Blueprint™

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives. Our progress to date is tracked in the (opens PDF in new window)2012 - 2015 Diversity Blueprint Report Card.