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Dave McKay
Dave McKay
President and CEO

President & CEO Message

Diversity and growth are not just integrated, but inseparable. This belief is at the heart of RBC’s Value of "Diversity & Inclusion - We embrace diversity for innovation and growth."

Diversity puts more possibilities into play, and inclusion — going beyond prevailing, predominant or traditional perspectives — makes tapping into those possibilities more likely.

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Understanding Diversity

Diversity is about more than just having many different people from many different groups. It's about tapping into all the perspectives, experiences, lifestyles and cultures that we collectively possess. And at RBC, it's about valuing, respecting and supporting our differences to help break new ground and deliver valued solutions and services.


What We're Doing

We believe that diversity and inclusion provide an advantage in developing intellectual capital and ensuring our continued growth in Canada and around the world. Diversity helps make RBC both an organization people want to do business with and a rewarding place to work. By drawing on the strength diversity provides, we can meet new challenges and help create prosperity for employees, clients, shareholders, and the communities we serve.


Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020

Review our blueprint to find out more about our diversity priorities and objectives.

RBC Diversity Blueprint™

RBC’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are guided by the Diversity & Inclusion Blueprint 2020, which outlines enterprise priorities and objectives. Our progress to date is tracked in the (opens PDF in new window)2012 - 2015 Diversity Blueprint Report Card.

What does inclusion mean to you?