•  Foster a culture of employee engagement  
•  Provide competitive compensation and total rewards  
•  Enable growth through training and development opportunities  
  Respect diversity and promote inclusion  
2008 Highlights  
  Provided employment to more than 80,000 people worldwide  
  Paid $7.8 billion in compensation and benefits  
  Invested $149 million in formal training and development initiatives to complement extensive on-the-job learning  

The talented and highly motivated people who make up our workforce are key to our blueprint for building a sustainable and successful future. Consistently ranked as one of the top employers in Canada, RBC strives to strengthen our reputation as a quality employer in all countries in which we do business.

A culture of employee engagement

As our business and workforce grow and become more diverse, it’s important that we continue fostering a strong sense of how we succeed together. We do this by making it easy for employees to understand the roles they play in fulfilling RBC’s strategies, helping employees grow personally and professionally, and being committed to employee engagement.

We recognize that well-informed employees are more likely to align their actions with company goals. Employees have many opportunities to learn and ask questions about company goals, strategies and progress through meetings with senior management, regular formal communications and our extensive intranet.

We have a long history of listening and responding to our employees, and we regularly seek feedback and comments. We have been conducting employee opinion surveys since 1981. In 2008, we gathered employee input on our progress in key areas including career development, performance enablement, employee engagement and workplace culture. By understanding employees’ views, RBC can take action to address their needs and the company’s priorities. This results in high levels of employee engagement and a strong commitment to clients.

Diversity and inclusion
RBC is a leader in valuing diversity. Our strength comes from a combination of what we have in common, like shared values and purpose, and what makes us different, like experiences and perspectives. By bringing together those similarities and differences, we are able to break new ground and better serve our clients and communities.

We believe in creating an inclusive environment for our employees, where they can feel valued, respected and supported – a place where employees can develop their own unique abilities and realize their aspirations. We also lead by stimulating public discussion on diversity issues through sponsoring research studies and awards that draw attention to diversity issues.

Our annual Diversity Progress Report is available at

Competitive compensation and total rewards
At the heart of an engaged workforce is a flexible, competitive and meaningful Total Rewards program. Our program is based on an understanding of what employees value. It recognizes that flexibility and choice are the best response to meeting our employees’ diverse needs. Our comprehensive approach rewards people for their skills and contributions by offering employees competitive compensation, benefits and a positive work environment.

Employee savings and share ownership programs are also a part of our Total Rewards program. In Canada, over 70% of employees are shareholders through these programs, which help align employee, investor and company objectives.

Growth through training and development
Employees expect ongoing career and learning opportunities to be a part of their Total Rewards program and our commitment to continuous employee growth and development helps ensure we meet the current and future needs of both our people and our clients. Experience is often the best teacher, and experience-based learning in the form of work assignments, projects and one-on-one coaching is central to growth at RBC. Employees also have access to the training resources they need to learn and grow through our many online learning and classroom training opportunities.

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