Royal Bank of Canada Annual Report 2003
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RBC 2003 Annual Report - Earning the Right
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The cover of this year’s annual report features RBC clients from across North America and represents the unique and varied relationships that exist between our clients and our diverse businesses. Inside this report, we describe these relationships and how, in each instance, we earn the right to be their first choice for financial services. (From left): Orval Sorken, Sexsmith, Alberta, Canada; Andrea Slingsby, Toronto, Ontario, Canada; Richard Vaughn, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.; Réal, Marie-Claire, Stephanie and Martin Lafrance, Montreal, Quebec, Canada; Michael Duck, Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada; and Linda and John Forzani, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This online annual report is an adaptation of RBC's printed 2003 Annual Report. Within the text of this online report, there are references to specific page numbers of the printed report. Investors may download a PDF of RBC's 2003 Annual Report by clicking here.