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Diversity for growth and innovation is one of RBC’s core values. We embrace the power of a diverse workforce and provide an inclusive and collaborative workplace-one that unleashes the talents of all our employees. We believe diversity creates better value, delivers superior client experiences and develops innovative solutions for the markets and communities we serve.

The following chart provides a snapshot of the representation of our diverse Canadian federally regulated population.

RBC Permanent Workforce (Full and Part Time)

Chart for RBC Permanent Workforce
Group 1988 2008 2009 2010
Women 75% 69% 68% 67%
Aboriginal people 1.1% 1.6% 1.6% 1.6%
People with disabilities 2.9% 3.8% 3.7% 3.7%
Members of visible minorities 12% 26% 27% 28%

Increasing Representation

In 2010, we:

  • Hired 109 employees with disabilities through the Pursue your Potential program - an initiative for recruiting candidates from diverse backgrounds
  • Placed 34 interns through Ability Edge, a paid internship program for graduates with disabilities
  • Continued to sponsor the RBC Olympians program, which hires both Canadian Olympic and Paralympic athletes as community ambassadors who bring Olympic messages of excellence and leadership to Canadian communities.

Employee Integration

Recognizing the power of having a work environment which provides learning, networking and mentoring opportunities in 2010 we:

  • Continued to sponsor our employee resource group REACH , with a focus on growing the membership to over 150 employees and encouraging managers of employees with disabilities to join.
  • Delivered Creating an Inclusive Workplace for Employees with Disabilities – webcasts for People Managers. The webcast focuses on how to recognize the impact disclosing a disability may have for the individual, how to provide workplace accommodation, performance enablement and career coaching to employees with disabilities.
  • A Let’s Talk About It communication campaign was launched to increase diversity and disability awareness and highlight the importance of self-identification as a person with a disability. The campaign features our REACH Executive champion and RBC employees with disabilities sharing their stories, talking about their careers and the impact of being open in the workplace about their disability.
  • Our dedicated in-house Workplace Accommodation Advisor continued to support managers and employees in 2010. Workplace Accommodation Advisor jointly with the Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW) hosted a Celebration event, recognizing RBC’s completion of 1000 cases of accommodation for employees with disabilities.
  • Our flexible work arrangement offerings, including part-time, compressed work week, job-sharing, flextime and phased retirement, as well as our Purchased Vacation Option (PVO) provided employees with the flexibility needed to address any work/life responsibilities. In 2010, an employee could purchase up to four weeks, and in North America employees purchasing more than 3,500 vacation days.

Premises and Information Access

We are committed to providing access, both to our premises and to information, for our employees who have disabilities, including:

  • Providing a barrier-free workplace
  • Requiring all new and renovated buildings to be wheelchair-accessible for both clients and employees
  • To date there are about 2,550 full function, voice capable ATMs in our network across Canada for visually impaired clients.

Employment Equity Report

For related and useful information, review our Annual Employment Diversity Report which describes the work we have done to provide our employees with the opportunity to contribute their best and feel valued and supported.


We are constantly looking for ways to improve. Please share your thoughts about Accessibility at RBC by emailing us.

Community and Sustainability

We believe in the power of diverse communities and the individuals who live in them.

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