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Privacy & Security USA > Alerts > Scams That Make Use of Pop-Up Windows

Scams That Make Use of Pop-Up Windows

Be wary of pop-up windows that suddenly appear on your screen while you are connected to the Internet, especially those asking you to ‘click here’ or provide personal details.  These pop-up windows may not be authentic so don’t click on any action buttons until you ensure they are legitimate.  

By clicking on these action buttons, you may unknowingly allow a third party to install malicious software on your computer to monitor your Internet activities or even to trick you into providing your personal information. 

These scams and the specific requests often vary, but they may entice you by “offering a prize if you respond”, or “ask you for your credit card number to process your survey”, etc.  While you may think you are giving your information to a valid company, instead you are providing it to a fraudster.  If you are unsure that the website is a valid RBC company site, play it safe. Do not sign in or enter any personal information. Instead, contact us.

For more information about safe computing and how to protect yourself from spyware and unwanted software, check out the following links on our Privacy & Security site.

Additionally, let our Privacy avatar spokesperson “Sam” take you through easy-to follow tips to help protect your personal information in our short video Don't take the Bait  or check out our Phishing Resource Website that can help you recognize online scams.