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Fraud Prevention Month

March is International Fraud Prevention Month. Ongoing education and awareness is important for fraud prevention.

Fraud prevention is a partnership between RBC and its clients; an informed consumer is the best line of defence against fraud and we can help our clients learn how to protect themselves. Identity Theft specifically is on the rise not only in Canada and the U.S., but around the world.

A little knowledge can provide a lot of protection. To learn more about Identity Theft:

  • Watch our clip Video on the RBC Advice Centre.
  • Read this article where James Hunter, president KPMG Forensic and Jay Stark, VP, Fraud Management, RBC Royal Bank® discuss how to combat different types of fraud, with tips such as fighting internal fraud with rigorous employee screenings, a positive company culture and strict cash handling procedures (“keep your hands on the cash”). They also teach you how to recognize warning signs.