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Data Privacy Day

January 28, 2014

Learn more about protecting your information: January 28 is Data Privacy Day

Photograph Each year RBC joins organizations from around the world to promote awareness of data privacy concerns and how people can best protect themselves from theft and fraud. At RBC, one of our highest priorities and a cornerstone of our business remains our commitment to the privacy and security of information - that of our clients, employees and RBC itself.

Information is a powerful key. In the wrong hands, it can be used to unlock access to a person's finances, commit identity theft, fraud or cause embarrassment.

RBC has several tools available on our public website to help you learn more about protecting your information.

  1. Review our Data Privacy Report Card to see how well you protect your information and find tips on enhancing your privacy.
  2. To help you better understand the different  ways you can protect your information review the Meet Sam videos.
    1. "Don't take the Bait" which is about phishing.
    2. "Check it out" which is a video about some of the different methods fraudsters use to take people's information.
    3. Review the entire Meet Sam series for more helpful tips.
  3. Find ideas on other ways you can protect your privacy and personal information by visiting your local or country government privacy office website and consult the RBC Privacy & Security website.

By knowing what to do, you can help protect your information with safe and simple privacy practices and behaviours in your day-to-day lives.