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Privacy & Security International > Alerts > Recent phishing scams - what to watch for!

Recent phishing scams - what to watch for!

A recent rise in data breaches involving email marketing providers has resulted in a large volume of names and email addresses being accessed by fraudsters. This type of data breach opens the door to a specific type of convincing email scam called “spear phishing”, where the sender can identify you by name and send an email that appears to be from a company that you deal with. The goal is to get you to open the email and provide the fraudsters with your personal information.

As a precaution, we want to remind you to:

  1. be on the alert for emails that request personal information, even if you recognize the name of the sender. These should always be regarded as suspicious;
  2. beware of emails requiring your “immediate action” in order to prevent a service from being shut down unless you logon “now” or enter your personal or credit card information;
  3. before you give out information or take any action that is requested in an email, take a few moments to verify that request, even if the email contains your name and other information that applies to you;
  4. verify the request using another source, not a source that is provided in the email;
  5. don’t be fooled by emails that offer “too good to be true” enticements,
  6. remain wary of unsolicited email and always be cautious in your online activity.

For more information on phishing, including how to report phishing emails and fake websites, please see Email and Website Fraud.