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Protect yourself this holiday season!

Parties, food and holiday planning ... all part of the season's celebrations! But as our social activities gear up, so do the activities of those who want to turn our property into theirs!

Thefts and online scams increase during the holiday season. Since today’s mobile devices are particularly tempting targets for thieves, here are some important tips to help minimize the risks to your mobile devices and the information accessible from them:

  • NEVER leave a mobile device unattended in a public place. Thieves look for any unguarded moment, to relieve you of your belongings.
  • Keep your mobile devices with you. If it’s necessary to leave a mobile device, or even a briefcase, unattended in your car for a short period of time:
    • lock these in the trunk, so they won't be visible to passersby
    • transfer mobile devices to your trunk when you get into your car, not at your destination, in case someone is watching 
  • Remember to use the passphrase or password lock feature on all your mobile devices to protect your information and your friends' information too.

With a little care and caution, you can help protect yourself against hacks at your expense.

In addition, to help stay safe online during the holiday season, be careful what you access (see Cyber Criminals). Use a little caution in your online activity and when in doubt, take the time to verify email requests that you receive, before you act on them.