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Privacy & Security International > Alerts > January 28 Data Privacy Day

RBC joins organizations around the world to
promote Data Privacy Day

On Wednesday January 28, 2009, RBC will be joining organizations in countries around the world to mark Data Privacy Day and promote education and awareness of data privacy rights and practices.

Corporations, governments, other public and private institutions are banding together to host events to educate consumers about how they can safeguard their privacy in our inter-connected digital world. RBC teamed up with the Canadian Bankers Association and other Canadian banks to provide our clients with information about the latest schemes and scams: what to look for and how to protect yourself.

“Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with our clients and RBC works with our partners in the financial services industry to drive change to protect the privacy of all Canadians. One of the primary goals this year is to raise awareness among our web savvy teens who spend a great deal of time surfing the net or connecting with friends via the numerous social networking sites,” says Jeff Green, RBC’s Chief Privacy Officer. 

Across RBC, we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ privacy and safeguarding the personal, business, and financial information entrusted to us. We are also committed to raising awareness and helping educate our clients on what you can do to safeguard your information.

We invite you to visit RBC’s Cyber Security Awareness Site to find out more about how to make your day safer.  Wondering how savvy you are at protecting your information when you surf online? Why not visit the Canadian Bankers Association Fraud and Security site and encourage your family to test their Cyber Security Knowledge.