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Privacy & Security International > Alerts > Data Privacy Day 2013 - Protect your information in a Mobile Device World

Data Privacy Day 2013: Protect your information in a
Mobile Device World

January 28 is Data Privacy Day and RBC is joining organizations from around the world to promote awareness of data privacy concerns and how to help protect yourself. At RBC, one of our highest priorities and a cornerstone of our business remains our commitment to the privacy and security of information – that of our clients, employees and RBC itself.

Information is a powerful key. In the wrong hands, it can be used to unlock access to a person’s finances or to commit identity theft. 

The importance of protecting information made available on our mobile devices

When we take our mobile devices with us…while walking to a meeting, heading out to lunch, even travelling overseas…we are also carrying our personal information with us. The very devices that allow us to communicate while on the move could expose our personal information if the device falls into the wrong hands.  

The size and portability of mobile devices increases their risk of loss or theft. So it’s important that we limit as much as possible, the personal information that we make available on our mobile devices, particularly the information that we cannot protect through passwords or other security measures. Beyond the cost of replacement, the real threat in losing your device or having it stolen is from the information accessible from the device.

While you can always buy another device, it can take a lot of time and frustration to recover from someone misusing the personal information or applications that were on the device. 

Minimize the risk of theft or loss of your mobile device

We should be aware of specific scams targeted to mobile devices. As well, here are reminders of some simple precautions that can help minimize your risks of theft or loss of your mobile devices:

  • NEVER leave a mobile device unattended in a public place. Thieves look for any unguarded moment, to relieve you of your belongings.
  • Be careful when exiting a taxi, train or subway, or leaving a restaurant or public place: ensure you have not left any of your mobile devices behind.
  • Keep your mobile devices with you. If it is necessary to leave any mobile devices unattended in your car for a short period of time:
    • lock these in the trunk, so they won't be visible to passersby
    • transfer mobile devices to your trunk when you get into your car, not at your destination, in case someone is watching.
  • Remember to use the passphrase or password lock feature on all your mobile devices to protect your information…and your friends' information too!

However careful we are, though, accidents happen. If your mobile device is lost or stolen, report it immediately. Find out what you should do to protect your information and report a missing device, should your personal device be lost or stolen.

By knowing what to do, you can help to minimize your risks of unauthorized, and unwelcome, access.