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“Don’t Click that Button!”

January 28th is Data Privacy Day, a day in which RBC and organizations around the world annually participate in initiatives to raise awareness of the importance of protecting the privacy of your information.

As part of RBC’s commitment to privacy and security awareness, we are launching a new edition to our “Sam” video series, which takes you through easy-to-follow tips to help protect your personal information.

Don't Click that ButtonProtecting the privacy of your information should be a priority throughout the year. To support your efforts to stay informed, RBC is committed to bringing you helpful privacy tips and strategies year round. See our Protecting Yourself and Alerts sites. Visit our Make Your Day Safer Video site, for all of our short “Sam” videos, designed to give you tips on how to help keep your information and your communication devices from falling into someone else’s hands. 

Listen to what “Sam” has to say. It won’t take much time and may save you from falling victim to a scam.