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Custom Advice, Offers and Solutions

We love Canada and hope you will, too. We know you have a lot to do before the big move and you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Here is some advice and resources that could make your journey a little easier.

Transfer Money Before You Arrive

  • Need a secure, convenient way to transfer money to Canada?
  • Want immediate access to your money when you get here?

Start your application Another RBC site for a Canadian bank account before you arrive and enjoy these benefits and more!

Get Familiar with Canada’s Financial System

See how banking, borrowing and buying a home works in Canada to be even more prepared when you arrive.

Why Newcomers Love RBC

We’ve been helping newcomers to Canada enjoy a higher quality of life and financial stability for over 148 years.
  • Find solutions for all your financial needs

    As Canada’s largest bank*, we can help with your banking and credit, investing, buying a home and more.

  • Grow and preserve your wealth

    We’re a leader in wealth management, with over 1,700 investment advisors in Canada.

  • Bank with us anywhere in Canada

    No matter where you settle in Canada, you’ll have access to Canada’s largest combined branch and ATM network.

  • Get help from other newcomers like you

    Many of our employees were once newcomers, too. We understand your needs and can help you in up to 200 languages.

How Can We Help You?

We understand that moving to a new country comes with many challenges–let us help answer any questions you may have. Our phone services are available in up to 200 languages.

Call Toll-Free:

Toll-free when dialed from the United States or Canada.

Toll-free from these 21 countries outside of North America when using the appropriate access codePop-up window.

Call Collect:

To make a free collect call, contact your Telephone Directory system or an International Operator to obtain the International Access Code or other unique dialing codes that may apply in your country.

Find a Branchand Book an Appointment

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