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Responsible AI

RBC Principles

At RBC, we believe that artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most transformative technologies impacting the world today. Combined with our vision for the future of financial services, it has the potential to change how we engage with and create value for our clients. With a 150-year legacy of trust, responsible AI is core to RBC’s business. As a values-driven organization, we aim to be an AI leader in financial services and use cutting-edge science to inform business and client interactions, while protecting them from fraud and other security risks. We have a responsibility to ensure that the use of AI upholds the highest standards of accountability, fairness, privacy and security, and transparency

We have developed a set of responsible AI principles, which are guided by our code of conduct, and ensure respect of privacy, a commitment to fairness, defence against security risks, being transparent and accountable for our decisions, and promoting positive outcomes for our clients, the community, our employees and our business.

PayPlan by RBC

PayPlan by RBC gives customers the option to pay for items over time on the terms that work best for them through a simple, positive payment experience that supports strong, lasting relationships.


This AI-powered and award-winning digital money-management platform provides tailored insights, enabling informed financial decisions and simplified savings.

RBC Mobile App

Powerful, intuitive and convenient, the RBC Mobile app allows clients to conduct their essential banking transactions and manage their money from the palm of their hand.


This unique online service connects clients with an advisor and empowers them to take control of their financial goals.

RBC InvestEase

This automated investing platform enables clients to ‘invest with ease’ with the backing of a team of Portfolio Advisors and the advanced software and technology that supports them.

RBC Direct Investing

The new RBC Direct Investing Trading Dashboard offers web-based desktop access to a suite of customizable tools with the information and resources needed to help make smart and timely investment decisions.


Building a great company takes more than just capital. RBCx helps tech companies scale and make an impact on the world by connecting them to the right people, ideas, and financial solutions of one of Canada’s largest banks.

RBC Insight Edge

RBC Insight Edge delivers insights on sales trends to help businesses accelerate growth.

RBC PayEdge

RBC PayEdge is an innovative platform that automates payments to suppliers by integrating to your accounts payable system, helping businesses of all sizes save time and money.


Active digital users


Clients connected through MyAdvisor to a personalized plan


Active clients using the RBC Mobile app


Insights read by clients on NOMI

as at 2023 Q4

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Innovating Across Our Franchise

RBC Ventures

Moving beyond banking, RBC Ventures strives to transform the way our clients live their lives by building new ventures, acquiring growing firms, making investments and partnering with like-minded organizations.

Borealis AI

A world-class research centre backed by RBC, Borealis AI uses machine learning to solve challenging problems in the financial industry. It is recognized for scientific excellence and is focused on responsible AI.

RBC Capital Markets - Aiden

Aiden is an AI-based electronic trading platform that applies Borealis AI’s research and uses the computational power of deep reinforcement learning in its pursuit of improved trading results and insights for clients.

Best-In-Class Talent

Tech @ RBC

Learn more about RBC’s leadership in the tech community, and what our brightest minds are working on.

RBC Amplify Program

Amplify is not your typical internship. An intensive summer innovation program lets students test their skills while building a product that could disrupt our company.

Technology and Innovation Insights

RBC Capital Markets - Technology Investment Banking Group

Our international team of professionals provide leading and emerging tech companies with deep market insights across a range of industries.

RBC Disruptors Podcast

This ongoing podcast series is about reimagining the economy in a time of unprecedented change. It features thought-provoking conversations with businesses and innovation leaders about planting the seeds of a new economy.