RBC Emerging Artists Project: From Within

Driven, not only by the vision of the RBC Emerging Artists Project, but by our inherent curiosity and respect for the process and practice of creativity we have collaborated with 5 of Canada’s notable emerging talent to bring you From Within a retrospect on artistic inspiration and practice.

Anique Jordan

Anique Jordan discusses her passion for discovering, archiving and sharing meaningful cultural moments

Caroline Monnet

Caroline Monnet explains how residing and reflecting between cultures has shaped her unique artistic expression.

Darcie Bernhardt

Darcie Bernhardt showcases authentic intergenerational perspectives and experiences through her art.

Jagdeep Raina

Jagdeep Raina reflects on how recent experiences and long lost techniques shape his work

Marigold Santos

Artist Marigold Santos shares how culture and lore influence the subject of her recent works.

The RBC Emerging Artists Project

We have worked with dedicated individuals in every province and across the world to ensure that Canadian talent is recognized and celebrated, but our passion and purpose is most eagerly put towards the support of Canada’s emerging talent.

The RBC Emerging Artists Project is our commitment to help artists in the early stages of their career bridge the gap from emerging to established.

Our support is focused on strengthening access to professional networks, mentorship and training as well as exposing Canada’s emerging talent to new and diverse audiences.

Learn more about RBC’s commitment to the visual arts.