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It is part of our commitment to help remove barriers and provide access for young people to learn skills, gain valuable work experience, share knowledge and build resilience for the future of work. A total of 175 Atlantic Canada, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario students each year will be awarded this one-time scholarship of $1,000. Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of a student’s academic record, demonstrated leadership at school and in the broader community and/or financial need.

In addition to a $1,000 bursary, the award will include an opportunity for winning students to apply for an RBC® internship between their first and second years of post-secondary education. It means that successful applicants will have a valuable opportunity to acquire real life experience at one of Canada’s most prominent organizations early in their post-secondary career.

2017 Winners

Aaron Mason

Aaron Pottie

Abigail Mills

Abigail MacPherson

Adam Peck

Adrienne Ouellette

Ailig Gillis

Aislyn White

Alana Worth

Alexander Clark

Alexander Bennett

Allison Pugh

Alyson Greeno

Alyssa Roberts

Alyssa Cutler

Amber Showers

Amber Fisher (Eldridge)

Amélie Pelletier

Angela Banzon

Anita Gough

Annie Camp

Ashley Whitenect

Ashley Lynn Rose Finnigan

Austin Lees

Austin Chapman

Austin Buchanan

Autumn Hebb

Aynsley Long

Benjamin Hussey

Blake d’Entremont

Brianna LaRusic

Bryce Reynolds

Caroline Stephen

Chantel Findlay

Chase Hudson

Clare MacDonald

Claudia Fillion

Colton Cleveland

Courtney Walls

Daniel Neagoe

Denver Matchett

Desiree Isaac-Pictou

Elijah Kent

Emalee LeBlanc

Ethan Mullen

Eve Kelly

Florence Cormier-Lebrun

Gabrielle McNay

Gina Park

Grace Baker

Grace Joy Standen

Gregory Jonah

Habteab Weldmariam

Hannah Ranni

Hiroki Miyata

Hope Graham

Ironika Gagnon

Isaac Nicholson

Jacob Tompkins

Jacob Perley

Jacqueline McNeil

Jasmine Sebastian

Jennifer Gowan

Jesse Champion

Jessica MacDonald

Jessica-Lynn Brown

Joel Harris

Jonathan Arsenault

Jordan Scoville

Justin Leger

Kaitlin Oliver

Katie Sturgeon

Katlyn Whynot

Keesha Ouellette

Kelsey Rideout

Kelsie Cyr

Konner Currie-Gagnon

Leanne Jardine

Lindsey Minard

Lisa Webb

MacKenzie Matthews

Maddison Yerxa

Majd Al Zhouri

Makayla Crandlemere

Makayla Cole

Marco Cormier

Marin Hawley

Marlee Gregory

Martha MacDonald

Matthew Burke

Matthew Clark

Max Doncaster

Megan Atkinson

Meghan Risser

Michael Vincent Cormier

Michaela MacLeod

Michelle Walters

Michelle Clemens

Mindy Lee Craswell

Mitchell Preston

Mitchell MacKinnon

Morgan Taylor

Morgan Miller

Morgan Faircloth

Natalie MacMillan

Nicole Smolensky

Nigel Loppie

Noah Graves

Noah Archibald

Olivia Pretty

Olivia Mullen

Olivia Finnamore

Pierette Janes-Bourque

Pierrette Janes-Bourque

Rachel MacIntyre

Rachel Adams

Rachel Sutherland

Rebecca Holleman

Robert Marshall

Robert Larson

Robyn Allen

Samantha Pyke

Samantha Miller

Sarah Moore

Sarah Haynes

Sarah Buote

Sarah Hankinson

Sarah Albert-Bélanger

Shane Langille

Shane Folkins

Shannon Fitzpatrick

Shayna Benoit

Spencer Wade

Taylor Salmon

Taylor Russell

Taylor Probert

Timothy Shea

Tresa LeBlanc-Doucet

Yanissa Llego



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