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Climate is the most critical challenge of our time. As the largest company in Canada, we know Canadians expect RBC to play an active role in supporting the transition to a global net-zero economy. Below, you’ll find some of the RBC programs and initiatives designed to make a sustainable impact.

RBC Tech for Nature

We are committed to supporting new ideas, technologies, and partnerships to solve pressing environmental challenges – from food security to air quality and access to clean water.

Clean Energy Vehicle Program

RBC offers its customers access to financing solutions on a wide range of new electric vehicles, including dedicated rates available for select clean energy vehicles, flexible payment options and more.

Loans for Home Upgrades

Are you considering energy-efficient products or services for your home? The RBC Energy SaverTM Loan can help you create a more energy-efficient home while saving on your borrowing costs.

Responsible Investing

You can help drive positive change with InvestEase's new Responsible Investing Portfolio, by investing in companies aligned with your values without necessarily giving up financial returns.

Environmental and Social Risk Management

Whatever the nature of the financing, we’ll work with you to identify, assess and mitigate the environmental and social risks associated with your business activities.

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Carbon neutral since 2017, we have an innovative approach to achieving net-zero emissions across our global operations. We also apply best practices to minimize our consumption of natural resources and reduce waste.