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Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our time and addressing it will require significant and difficult choices. From how we live, work and move around to how we evolve our economy and policies – all will require thoughtful and measured approaches to help us make an orderly and inclusive transition to net-zero. There’s no question that achieving global climate goals will be a challenge – but it’s one we’re up for, and we’re ready to do our part.

RBC’s Climate Strategy in Action

We lay out our climate strategy in the RBC Climate Blueprint(opens in a new window), which shares some of the important ways that we are making progress and taking action through four key areas of focus.

Helping clients as they transition to net-zero

We aim to empower our clients on their journeys with solutions, products and advice.

Holding ourselves accountable

We’re setting goals and targets and measuring progress to help keep on track. RBC has committed to achieving net-zero emissions in our lending by 2050.

Informing and inspiring a sustainable future

Action starts with knowledge. We share insights and ideas to help communities, governments and organizations build better solutions.

Advancing net-zero leadership in our own operations

We’ve committed to reducing our own global emissions by 70%(legal disclaimer)1 and sourcing 100% of our electricity from renewable and non-emitting sources by 2025.

Our Progress

$282 billion

provided in sustainable finance since 2019 to support environmental and social objectives.


of our electricity globally is from renewable and non-emitting sources

$39+ million

since 2019, to charities and universities to address complex environmental challenges

Client Engagement Approach on Climate

The Client Engagement Approach on Climate formalizes RBC Capital Markets’ approach to engagement with its energy sector clients on their plans for the energy transition.

Learn more about the Client Engagement Approach on Climate(opens pdf in a new window)

How RBC Can Help

From providing banking solutions that support a greener lifestyle to investing in community initiatives to backing the environmental plans and ambitions of businesses and entrepreneurs, we’re here to support our clients’ and communities’ climate change efforts.

Supporting Our Clients With Climate Solutions

Sustainable Finance Solutions

At RBC, we're creating more ways to help you manage your finances and reduce your impact on the planet. From ways to save and invest, to the car you drive and energy efficiency upgrades for your home, we can help you reach your personal goals and secure a healthier future for the planet.

Learn more about sustainable finance solutions

Investing with Purpose

The money you invest for your future can be a force of positive change. We can help you invest in companies that are addressing climate change, natural resource conservation, pollution and water scarcity as part of their business operations.

Learn about responsible investing with RBC

Helping Our Clients Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Sustainable Finance

We believe that incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) insights alongside traditional financial analysis and market perspectives can lead to better outcomes for the world and increase opportunities for our clients. We work in collaboration with partners in Global Investment Banking, Global Markets and Corporate Banking to deliver advice and solutions to our clients to help them achieve their business and sustainability goals.

More about our Sustainable Finance Group

Investing in Innovation

RBC Tech for Nature

RBC Tech for NatureTM is our multi-year commitment to accelerate tech-based solutions that help preserve our natural ecosystem. Working with charitable partners, we’re tapping into Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, app development and other innovations to help solve pressing environmental challenges.

More about supporting tech-based solutions

Climate Investments

We have committed capital to venture and growth equity funds focused on climate and decarbonization. Together with our fund partners, we seek to support entrepreneurial companies to develop and scale solutions and technologies that have the potential to accelerate the net-zero transition and reduce global emissions.

More about climate investments

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Learn More About Climate Change & What We’re Doing About It

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The RBC Climate Action Institute brings together economists, policy analysts and business strategists to help research and advance ideas that can contribute to Canada’s climate progress.

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Boost your knowledge of climate issues, actions and solutions with our latest stories of climate action.

Climate Glossary

What is climate change? From the Paris Agreement to net-zero, learn key environmental terms and how they fit into our climate mission.