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Supporting the Olympic Games Since 1947

RBC and the Olympic Games share values of excellence, teamwork, diversity and commitment – a connection that’s behind one of the longest-standing corporate sponsorships of the Canadian Olympic Team.

RBC Training Ground

RBC, in partnership with the CBC, the Canadian Olympic Committee and the Canadian Olympic Foundation, has been leading the search for Canada’s next generation of Olympic hopefuls. Over the last four years, we’ve travelled the country in search of undiscovered athletes with podium potential.

Catherine Lizotte
  • Catherine Lizotte, a rower from Knowlton, Québec, was part of the RBC Training Ground Québec regional final in 2018. At the 2019 National Final, she impressed sport officials by finishing first in the bike sprint and leg press, earning the attention of both Rowing Canada and Cycling Canada and jumpstarting her Olympic journey.
Ian Holmquist
  • Ian Holmquist, a 19-year old Trent University student from Peterborough, Ontario, was a competitor at the Ontario regional final in 2017. With a triumphant return in 2019, Holmquist was at the top of the pack in the arm/leg bike and leg press, solidifying his Olympic potential in the sport of rowing.

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RBC Olympians

RBC is dedicated to helping Canadian athletes succeed both in sport and in life. Recruited to work as ambassadors, Olympic and Para athletes gain valuable work experience while helping to bring the Olympic message to communities across Canada.

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This national initiative provides elite athletes with an opportunity to gain valuable career development skills alongside a flexible work schedule, to allow the time necessary to continue training and competing on the world stage. The athletes will also partner with RBC employees to engage clients and our communities with messages of commitment, excellence, teamwork and leadership which support RBC’s long-time partnership with the Canadian Olympic Committee, as well as the Olympic movement in Canada. This includes speaking engagements, appearances at RBC sponsored events, providing testimonials and sharing stories about experiences in sport.

Candidates must fit into one of the following athlete categories:

  • A currently competing, Sport Canada AAP carded Olympic or Paralympic athlete, or a future Olympic or Paralympic hopeful.
  • A non-carded athlete with a letter of recommendation from their NSF to confirm that the athlete is in good standing with their NSF and is committed to train and compete for their NSF representing Canada for the upcoming year.
  • A recently retired Olympic or Paralympic athlete who has not been retired from sport for more than two years at the time of applying.

Applications will re-open in Spring 2021. Please email for more information.

Learn More About Our Olympians Across the Country:

Responsive Table Example
Name Sport Hometown
Aaron Brown Athletics Toronto, ON
Alanna Bray-Lougheed Canoe Kayak Oakville, ON
Alex Boisvert-Lacroix Speed Skating Montreal, QC
Allison Beveridge Cycling Calgary, AB
Amanda Rummery Para Athletics Edmonton, AB
Andrew Wolfe Figure Skating Calgary, AB
Antoine Valois-Fortier Judo Quebec City, QC
Ashley Lawrence Soccer Caledon, ON
Bismark Boeteng Athletics Toronto, ON
Brett Gallant Curling Charlottetown, PEI
Brianne Jenner Ice Hockey Oakville, ON
Cam Stones Bobsleigh Calgary, AB
Charles Phillibert-Thiboutot Athletics Quebec City, QC
David Johnson Para Athletics Victoria, BC
Diana Matheson Soccer Ottawa, ON
Eleanor Harvey Fencing Hamilton, ON
Ellie Black Artistic Gymnastics Halifax, NS
Erin Latimer Para Alpine Ski Toronto, ON
Fillah Karim Sailing Vancouver, BC
Gavin Smellie Athletics Brampton, ON
Haley Daniels Canoe Kayak Calgary, AB
Jackson Payne Gymnastics Edmonton, AB
Jacqueline Simoneau Synchronized Swimming Ste Anne, QC
Jennifer Abel Diving Montreal, QC
Jennifer Hawkrigg Snowboard Toronto, ON
Jerome Blake Athletics Vancouver, BC
Jill Saulnier Ice Hockey Halifax, NS
John Smythe Field Hockey Vancouver, BC
Justin Kripps Bobsleigh Calgary, AB
Kate Wright Field Hockey Kingston, ON
Keely Shaw Para Cycling Midale, SK
Kierra Smith Swimming Vancouver, BC
Korey Jarvis Wrestling Elliot Lake, ON
Kristen Kit Rowing St. Catharines, ON
Liam Hickey Sledge Hockey St John's, NF
Mandy Bujold Boxing Kitchener, ON
Marie-Philip Poulin Ice Hockey Beauceville, QC
Mark McMorris Snowboard Regina, SK
Matt Berger Skateboarding Kamloops, BC
Meaghan Mikkelson Ice Hockey St. Albert, AB
Megan Lukan Rugby Barrie, ON
Melissa Bishop Athletics Eganville, ON
Melissa Humana-Paredes Beach Volleyball Toronto, ON
Michael Tayler Canoe Kayak Ottawa, ON
Natasha Fox Wrestling Saskatoon, SK
Penny Oleksiak Swimming Toronto, ON
Philippe Marquis Freestyle Skiing Quebec City, QC
Phylicia George Athletics Markham, ON
Pierce LePage Athletics Whitby, ON
Renata Fast Ice Hockey Burlington, ON
RJ Barrett Basketball Mississauga, ON
Sam Effah Athletics Calgary, AB
Samantha Stewart Wrestling London, ON
Skylar Park Taekwondo Winnipeg, MB
Tyler McGregor Sledge Hockey Forest, ON