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Big Data

Our team is implementing a new Big Data platform, which underpins machine learning and cognitive computing capabilities to drive next-generation analytics. With 405 million customer transactions every day, the size, scope, and impact of our work are both massive and meaningful.

Current Big Data Opportunities


Project Spotlight

Future Balance Predictor‎

To help our clients better manage their cash flow, the Data & Analytics team created a capability that predicts a client’s future balance, and recommends overdraft protection to help them avoid fees.

This capability was built using machine learning, real-time data streaming and the massively parallel processing ability of the Big Data platform. It would have taken almost a year to process all client accounts using standard technologies. With the Big Data platform, we can predict all clients’ balances within 24 hours.

Meet our team

Seeing our satisfied business clients always puts a smile on my face. My team and I get to design innovative solutions that don’t just drive results but help us harness the power of data.

Hisham, Director, Advanced Analytics

When technical expertise and business objectives come together… magic happens. We play a critical role in shaping how RBC operates and we are transforming the bank.

Karen, Social Intelligence Analyst

We are constantly looking to push the boundaries by using new technologies like Hadoop, and software development methodologies like Agile to meet our business needs.

Kumaran, Director, Hadoop Development

We not only build industry-leading applications and systems, we build partnerships and friendships as well.

Likun, Development Manager

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