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Mobile Banking Refresh

Our clients rely on mobile and online banking to take care of their essential day-to-day banking. When a refresh got mixed reviews, we quickly analyzed feedback and looked for key areas for improvement so that clients could take care of their banking on the go in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

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Advanced Threat Hunting

Protecting the personal and financial information of our clients is our most important responsibility. We’ve implemented leading-edge technologies and insights to keep our clients and their information safe from cyber threats.

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Pre-Approval Digitization

To help our clients get financing quickly and easily, we created a simpler, better, and faster experience to activate a pre-approved credit line. Our automated digitization of the end-to-end process means clients can give, receive, and sign documents remotely.

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Big Data

Future Balance Predictor

To help our clients better manage their cash flow, our Data & Analytics team created a capability that predicts a client’s future balance, and recommends overdraft protection to help them avoid fees.

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RBC Cloud

We’re creating a comprehensive hybrid Cloud platform inclusive of IaaS (infrastructure-as-a-service) and PaaS (platform-as-a-service) to maximize automation, standardization, and security.

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Technology at RBC

We’re revolutionizing the way the world lives, works, and banks. That’s why we’re looking for people like you — brilliant, entrepreneurial, original, and extraordinary. Check out your next career and make your mark with a winning team.


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Big Data

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Meet the team

The most exciting part of being at RBC is how we’re cutting through the red tape and making lean Agile principals the core of our approach.

Dann, Lead Consultant, Agile Transformation

We use the latest technologies to shape new offerings for the business. Everyone is a member of one team with one target and there is an opportunity for everyone to be heard.

Benoit, Agile Development Lead

It’s a lot more open here than a traditional organization is perceived to be, right from the leadership level. We are a very collaborative team. A lot of experimentation with ideas and tons of fun events.

Priya, Lead Agile Consultant

Seeing our satisfied business clients always puts a smile on my face. My team and I get to design innovative solutions that don’t just drive results but help us harness the power of data.

Hisham, Director, Advanced Analytics

When technical expertise and business objectives come together… magic happens. We play a critical role in shaping and transforming how RBC operates.

Karen, Social Intelligence Analyst

We are constantly looking to push the boundaries by leveraging new technologies such as Hadoop, and software development methodologies such as Agile to meet our business needs.

Kumaran, Director, Hadoop Distributed Development

While we build industry-leading applications and systems, we build partnerships and friendships too.

Likun, Senior Manager, Hadoop Development

It’s a myth that there’s a lack of creativity in a large organization. I work in a group at RBC called Innovation and Technology and there is incredible creativity going on around me all the time.

Mike, Cloud Senior Technical Systems Analyst

My day is always changing, whether it’s a successful implementation to just a brainstorming session where we all share ideas. We work together on projects that positively impact all of RBC.

George, Cloud Architect

Technology at RBC is constantly innovating. We’re encouraged to push the envelope and ask thoughtful, meaningful questions as opposed to just accepting things as status quo.

Richard, Manager, Mobile Messaging

At RBC, we have a supportive and diverse Technology team with a great working environment, lots of events, and teambuilding. Not everyone is from an IT background and it’s not a stereotypical desk job.

Adrian, Project Control Officer

I’ve had the opportunity to work with phenomenal change leaders who have established entrepreneurial teams to drive innovation in both the technology and process space.

Svetlana, Manager Product Innovation

There are two parts of my day that I love the most. The beginning of the day, which is full of promise, and the end of the day huddle, where I can count the accomplishments.

Janice, Integration Mobile Consultant

RBC has embraced change as a way of life and we’re seeing interest grow in what we’re doing while attracting bright technology talent that want to be a part of our transformative culture.

Adam, Vice President, Global Technology Infrastructure Risk Management

I am always encouraged to collaborate. If I need help, whether it’s from my team or outside of it, there is someone to guide me. Collaboration enables everything we do.

Brian, Senior Project Manager

RBC’s investment and focus on creating leading-edge technologies give our Technology team a ton of opportunities to do impactful work while advancing their skills and expertise.

Matthew, Director, Cyber Threat Strategy

Technology at RBC does a terrific job teaming those just getting started in their careers with established talent to create a dynamic environment where everyone’s ideas are heard.

Clinton, Director, Security Engineering

I get to work in an innovation-oriented, change-prone culture with competent and committed employees who are passionate and serious about innovation.

Arup, Android Development Lead

You get the feeling that you’re working for a technology company within a bank, as opposed to an IT department.

Don, Director, Rewards & Loyalty

RBC has the appetite for investing in the future and taking our business to where the consumer wants to engage with us.

Andrea, Senior Director, Online Digital

Why RBC?


The opportunity to make a direct impact to shape the future of the financial industry with innovative technologies. Opportunity to innovate. To learn. To grow.

Work with us, not for us

Your work will matter, your opinion will be heard, and you will partner with the best talent in the industry to make things happen to help our clients thrive.

We’re all in

RBC is behind creative, ground-breaking technology solutions 100 percent. We are completely transforming banking as we know it.

A win-win situation

Work in an energetic, entrepreneurial culture that has the business depth and organizational strength to deliver. And you can do it all in your jeans!

We’re stirring things up

We’re transforming the way we work, bringing change to the organization, and challenging the status quo.

It’s about more than just the work

Our teams actively contribute to help local communities prosper. Plus we have lots of fun doing it!

The learning never stops

We provide ongoing training and access to loads of learning opportunities. You will have everything you need to stay at the pulse of changing technology.

Learn About RBC

Experience RBC for yourself! Watch the video about RBC and the great stuff we do here!

Read Transcript

Technology at RBC

Fade in from white, logo appears with lens flare effect, music begins

We've always used technology to make sure our clients thrive.

  • 1961 – first Canadian bank with a computer
  • 1972 – launched our ATM network
  • 1988 – debuted the debit card

As years advance, music builds and pace of information increases

We’ve revolutionized the way the world lives, works and banks.

  • 1995 – first Canadian bank online
  • 2001 – offered online bill payments
  • 2008 – launched mobile apps
  • 2010 – launched mobile wallet

Music continues to build…

  • 2014 – pilot project launched to test wearable devices
  • 2015 – explored a blockchain loyalty program
  • 2015 – launched SecureVoice conversational biometrics
  • 2016 – created startup accelerator for young innovators

We’re completely transforming banking as we know it…

Years continue to scroll from 2016 into the future as we show the innovations Technology at RBC is current working on…

  • Cognitive computing
  • Bot technology
  • Machine learning
  • Image processing
  • Intelligence augmentation
  • Voice processing

Infographics rotate and blur together and suddenly switch to pure white as music stops.

Text fades in

And we want you to join us.

Do incredible work that shakes up an entire industry.

  • Technology at RBC.
  • Powered by ides. Inspired by you.

Logo with lens flare

Fade to white

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We’re here to help our clients thrive and communities prosper. If you want to get to know us better, you can find us out and about meeting, greeting and sharing ideas with tech specialists like you. Here’s where you can catch up with us next:

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HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community...
HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community...

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HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Come meet, socialize and learn from people just like you – the best and brightest tech minds.


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HackerNest Tech Social

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HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Come meet, socialize and learn from people just like you – the best and brightest tech minds.

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483 Queen Street West, Toronto, ON

HackerNest Tech Socials are a fun, relaxed way to connect with your local tech community. Come meet, socialize and learn from people just like you – the best and brightest tech minds.

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