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Avoid regrets when sending email: here’s how

Have you ever sent an email to the wrong person or received a misdirected one not intended for you?

When you think about it, email mistakes can be avoided because most email mishaps are caused by the simple mistakes that we all make. Here are some tips to help assist you when sending email messages:

  • Enter the email address carefully to ensure your email goes to the right recipient because once you send an email, you no longer have control on what happens to it
  • If your email has the optional “auto-complete” feature that displays suggestions for recently used email addresses and names as you begin to type them, consider turning it off. This can help you avoid accidentally sending emails to the wrong recipient
  • Use “reply to all” with caution so that you don’t send information to people who don’t need it
  • Read the entire email stream before replying or forwarding to make sure there is nothing in the email that shouldn’t be seen
  • Consider using Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) when sending emails to multiple individuals who don’t know each other so they don’t see all the email addresses. This also reduces the number of emails sent when someone does a “reply all”

As always, be wary of any unsolicited and suspicious e-mails, even if they are addressed specifically to you and appear to be from legitimate sources.

For phishing emails or to report fake websites masquerading as RBC company websites, follow this reporting information.

Check out the new Be Cyber Smart video series with tips to help keep your information secure, stay safe online and be cyber aware. The series covers privacy, mobility, passwords, public wifi, phishing emails and social media.

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