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Global Privacy & Security > Our Privacy Principles > What Information We Collect

What Information We Collect

Most of the information is collected when you interact with us, for example when you:

  • apply for a product or service;
  • enter a contest;
  • communicate and or interact with us; or
  • sign-up for special offers or complete a survey.

We also collect financial and other information about you from a variety of sources including from:

  • references you have provided to us;
  • transactions you have made with or through us;
  • credit bureaus; and
  • other financial institutions.

We may also collect personal information about you from third parties in accordance with their respective terms and conditions and or privacy policies. Examples of third parties that may share personal information with us may include:

  • third party verification services;
  • credit reporting agencies;
  • commercially available sources such as mailing list providers; and
  • publicly available sources such as telephone directories, newspapers, social media or internet sites, and from government agencies, registries or public records.

We will ask you to provide information that enables us to complete your request, to provide better service or to offer you products and services we believe you might be interested in.

Information About You

Information essential for fulfilling most financial requests and applications includes:

  • Information establishing your identity, such as your name, address, phone number, title, business phone number, email address, date of birth, social insurance number or social security number (for tax purposes), and account numbers;
  • Information to authenticate your identity, such as knowledge-based information (i.e. username, password and account information), biometric information (i.e. signature, fingerprint and voiceprint), device information (i.e. device model, browser type, IP address, security cookie and approximate physical location of device);
  • Information related to transactions arising from your relationship with and through us, and from other financial institutions, including point of sale details;
  • Information you provide on an application for the provision of our products and services, such as your annual income, place of employment, investments, account balance, financial liabilities, transaction history;
  • Information you provide during communication with us which may include family details, life events, goals and your opinions and issues you may have encountered;
  • Information about financial behaviour such as your payment history and credit worthiness;
  • Information about your health may be collected for insurance products and services;
  • Information pertaining to business clients will include your business name, address, phone number, email address, industry type, financial status and detail(s) on the owner(s), operator(s) and director(s);
  • Additional information may be requested to help us determine your eligibility for products and services that we offer.

Other Information

It is our goal to continuously improve our service offerings to you. Therefore, we routinely collect non-personal aggregated information from surveys, public archives and websites to help us understand the interests of our current and prospective clients and to manage our risks and operations.