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Digital Channel Privacy

PhotographRBC is proud to offer our clients, and those interested in becoming clients, a variety of ways to bank with us. Our belief is that clients should be able to select and use the channels that best meet their needs and lifestyle. Our digital channels provide clients with control and convenience and provide access to online and mobile services.

What information is collected and how is it used?

RBC collects information provided by you. RBC also collects or accesses information about your device through our digital channels, such as device model, unique device number, browser type, and IP address. Information about your device helps us improve the channel functionality, meet our clients’ needs, measure the effectiveness of our services, enhance security measures, and protect our clients.

Does RBC access information about your physical location?

RBC automatically collects information about your device’s approximate physical location for purposes such as validating your identity and the prevention, suppression, and/or detection of crime.

RBC may also access information about your device’s physical location in order to provide a particular service, for example; to locate a nearby ATM or RBC branch, or provide location-based advertising or offers. Access to location information is controlled by your device. Refer to your device documentation for instructions on allowing or blocking access to location information. If you choose to block location information, some services may not operate effectively.

Does RBC access other information on your device?

Some RBC services may access other information on your device, for example, accessing your contact list can make it easier to use Interac‡ e-Transfer banking services. Access to this information is controlled by your device. Refer to your device documentation for instructions on allowing or blocking access to this information. If you choose not to provide access to this information, some services may not operate effectively.

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Will RBC share your information?

For the purposes stated above or as described within the digital channel, RBC may share the information collected with our employees or third parties acting as our service providers or agents. They are required to maintain the confidentiality of the information. We may also share the information collected with government agencies, public bodies, regulators or other entities where permitted or required by law.

Does RBC use cookies?

RBC may use cookies to monitor and improve your website experience. These cookies do not contain personal or financial information. They gather statistical data such as the average time spent on a specific webpage. This kind of information provides us with insight on how to improve the design, content and navigation of our digital channels. Your choice not to accept these cookies will not prohibit your use of the service or channel.

RBC may use cookies to customize advertising to your interests. These cookies identify when you visit specific RBC webpages and may be shared with third parties to customize RBC advertising on their websites. These cookies do not store personal or financial information about you, but may contain a unique identifier required by the process. Your choice not to accept these cookies will not prohibit your use of the service or channel.

RBC may use cookies as part of the functionality and security of a particular service. These cookies may include an encrypted persistent cookie installed on your device that contains information to help us verify you as our client and to help block unauthorized attempts to access your information through the channel. Your choice not to accept these cookies may prevent the service, or certain features within the service, from operating.

Please refer to the documentation for your browser or device regarding how to allow or refuse cookies.

Does RBC monitor traffic to and from RBC websites and services?

RBC may examine web and Internet-based traffic entering or leaving RBC for the purpose of ensuring the integrity of our services, capacity of our services, or to detect potential improper use of our systems. This examination is automated and your personal and financial information is kept secure during the process. We may engage service providers as part of this activity. Information obtained during this security process is not used for any other purpose.

Does RBC scan the emails you send us?

RBC may examine the emails you send us to detect viruses, malware or other computer threats that may be included in an email. Emails identified as potentially containing a computer threat may undergo further analysis and any personal or financial information contained in the email message may be incidentally accessed by individuals investigating and addressing the threat.

RBC also scans incoming and outgoing emails as required by law or regulation.

RBC does not scan email messages for the purpose of marketing or customizing your experiences.

How does RBC update our privacy policies?

The RBC Digital Channel Privacy policy is to be read together with and forms part of the RBC website Legal Terms of Use. Changes may be made to this policy by updating this posting. Please review this posting regularly. Your continued access to or use of RBC digital channels will mean that you agree to any changes to this policy.