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Questions About Your Pension or Benefits


Do You Have Questions About Your Pension or Benefits?
Find Out Who Has the Answers

The folks at RBC’s Human Resources Services Centre (HRSC) are busy answering your calls and e-mails. In fact, they receive more than 300 phone calls a day and more than 460 e-mails a month from pensioners.

But many of the calls and e-mails they receive can be answered best by other specialists.

Benefits questions? Contact Sun Life
Contact Sun Life if you have questions about:

  • The sale of RBC shares or RESSOP:
  • Your benefit coverage (medical, dental or drug):

Denied Claims
If your benefits claim is denied for something that you believe is covered under your benefits plan, contact Sun Life first. Mistakes can happen and you could clarify the issue by making a call. If after you’ve contacted Sun Life you’re still not in agreement and you believe your claim should be covered, contact the HRSC.

Pension Questions? Contact the HRSC

Contact the HRSC if you have questions about:

  • Pension payments or tax-deductions from your pension
And also if you are:
  • Changing your address or your bank account information

The HRSC is not connected with the bank branches. The HRSC won’t know about any changes you make to your account information unless you contact the HRSC directly.

Privacy Issues
For privacy and confidentiality reasons, the HRSC cannot speak to someone else about your pension without your written consent. This includes your adult child or other representative. If you’d like someone to be able to make the calls about your pension on your behalf, you’ll need to send the HRSC a power of attorney (a mandate in Quebec).

It’s also a good idea to keep the HRSC telephone numbers with your personal documents or in a prominent location. This way, if you (or someone acting on your behalf) need to reach the HRSC, the number is easy to find.

The RBC HRSC and Sun Life contact information is listed on the inside front cover of Keeping in Touch. A link to the HRSC pension helpline e-mail and Sun Life website is available on your pensioner website at rbc.com/pensioners

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  Questions about your Benefits or Pension?
  Let us know what you have been doing since leaving RBC: Email Keeping in Touch

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 Important Information About Your Retiree Benefits Program
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