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Banking Case Study

A Responsive Business Partner

You are on: The Problem

From the Perspective of the Client

A former merchant Visa client had been receiving calls from customers who had been double billed for services paid for by credit cards. The business spent many unsuccessful hours trying to find and fix the problem. In the meantime, the problem was causing a loss of reputation, business and relationships in the community and industry. Steps were taken to compensate existing customers, increased advertising and issued coupons to attract new customers. Neither RBC nor their new provider of Visa merchant services was able to find the source of the problem.

From the Perspective of RBC

RBC tried unsuccessfully to find a reason for the double billings. Since the customer no longer dealt with RBC, we suggested the problem was with the new financial institution.

You are on: The Resolution

The Office of the Ombudsman Reports:

"Our investigation finally revealed that the problem originated with a point-of-sale terminal supplied by RBC. The client was no longer using this terminal and had returned it to a RBC branch. During the process to prepare the terminal to be re-used an error caused transactions stored in its memory to be repeated.

"Identifying the root of the problem was just the beginning. Recognizing the impact the error had on the business, Visa merchant services sent an apology to each cardholder affected by the double billing to help reinforce that the error was not caused by the client. RBC also compensated the client for some of its out-of-pocket expenses to rebuild its reputation and attract new business."

You are on: What Can be Learned

For RBC:

Understand that small businesses can be very vulnerable to disruptions. Act quickly and keep searching until you find the source of the problem.

For Clients:

If you encounter a delay in the investigation of your concern, don’t wait to escalate the issue.