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Insurance Case Study

Customer Care Crucial

You are on: The Problem

From the Perspective of the Client

After submitting a disability claim on a mortgage insurance policy, the RBC® client received a letter which approved the claim, and the amount awarded was deposited to their account. A few weeks later, they received another letter withdrawing the claim. The reversal of the decision was upsetting and confusing for the client.

From the Perspective of RBC

Due to administrative errors made during a change to the policy, the claim had been evaluated, and accepted, based on a type of coverage the client did not actually have. When RBC discovered the errors, they withdrew their original acceptance. They understood the mix-up would have a serious impact on their client, and asked the Office of the Ombudsman for help to save the relationship.

You are on: The Resolution

The Office of the Ombudsman Reports:

"We agreed to help, and thoroughly reviewed the client's claim based on valid coverage and accurate information. Although the client was not entitled to receive anything under the policy, RBC took full responsibility for the quality of service which had fallen very short of the client's expectations. They reached an understanding, resulting in a formal apology and an offer of financial compensation from RBC. After this, the client agreed to work with a personal banker to refinance the mortgage.”

You are on: What Can be Learned

For RBC:

Whenever changes are being done to current processes, build in extra opportunity to review the accuracy of information. Apologize immediately for errors, and find out how to avoid them in the future.

For Clients:

Review your policies closely and understand what you are covered for. If an error affects you, contact RBC immediately and work with them to resolve your issue.