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This is not your parents’ group benefits plan

Twitter Twitter: Employers can foster a healthier workforce by encouraging employees to change their #wellness habits through a personalized experience with the new @RBCInsurance Wellness Program, free for clients with health coverage. @RBCInsurance

  • RBC Insurance launches a new Wellness Program, free for Group Benefit Solutions clients with health coverage.
  • The digital solution is the first to integrate multiple data sources to deliver a personalized experience for employees, helping them change their habits toward wellness and foster a healthier workplace.
  • Features include health risk assessments, personalized content in a newsfeed, peer-to-peer recognition, personal and corporate challenges and progress-based incentives and rewards including cashback and discounts to 100s of retailers.

RBC Insurance launches new tailored digital Wellness Program to help foster workplace health and wellbeing

TORONTO, July 17, 2018 - In today’s digital society, with tons of information easily accessible, consumers are searching for solutions that provide a customized experience. Now, RBC Insurance launches a new digital solution that aims to improve employee wellness by motivating them to create healthier habits through personalized experiences that can encourage a healthier workforce. The digital Wellness Program is the first-of-its-kind to be offered by an insurance carrier in Canada. It is free for RBC Insurance Group Benefit Solutions clients with health coverage.

Employee wellbeing is a vital part of any business. Healthy employees who feel their employer cares about their wellbeing are more engaged and productive at work. In fact, highly engaged employees experienced a 41 per cent reduction in absenteeism and a 17 per cent increase in productivity. Not to mention, more engaged employees are more likely to stay with an employer. In high-turnover organizations, highly engaged business units experienced 24 per cent less turnover.1

“We understand the importance of employee wellbeing and how an effective wellness program can shape the workplace culture and increase productivity,” says Julie Gaudry, senior director of group insurance for RBC Insurance. “But there are real obstacles for employers to implement and run a wellness program. Our digital wellness program makes it easy for employers to support their employees’ wellbeing by providing users with customized content they’re interested in, challenging them, informing them and rewarding them for making healthier choices.”

Currently, RBC Insurance is the only insurer to integrate multiple data sources such as claims data, reported preferences and health risks to deliver a tailored experience to the user. This approach encourages employees to change unhealthy habits, such as getting too little sleep or making poor food choices, into healthier ones such as participating in daily physical activity or mindfulness exercises. Through a personalized content feed, personal and corporate challenges, peer-to-peer recognition and progress-based incentives, employees will be supported to engage in healthier behaviours, and are rewarded to keep up with these habits through a tiered points system that offers cashback and discounts.

“Through the power of discounts and perks, we are able to attract all types of users, not just those who are already healthy and using health and wellness apps,” added Gaudry. “Users are incented to return regularly through rewards and are provided with information that is meaningful for them personally, which can help them create new healthier habits and change their attitude towards wellness for the long-run.”

The RBC Insurance Wellness Program is easily accessible through the RBC Insurance My Benefits app or through the online group benefits portal.

Features of the new digital Wellness Program:

  • Personalized experience: Complete a Health Risk Assessment in 60 seconds to help employees identify their key health risks plus a tailored newsfeed of content with recommendations to provide customized support to users.
  • Track progress: Seamlessly syncs with wearable fitness technology and tracks progress through the platform, allowing colleagues to interact through personal or corporate challenges.
  • Earn rewards: Employees are engaged with discounts and cashback offers from 100s of their favourite retailers. As employees take action and achieve goals, they can level up to new tiers, unlocking rewards and increased discounts.
  • Measure impact: With data sources integrated through the platform, Employers will be able to evaluate the programs impact with easy to access reporting and measurement tools.

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